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No Court Action Statement SR-33

This form is for drivers who have had their licenses suspended under the Safety Responsibility Law. If they have not been sued and two years or more has passed since the accident, they may request a license reinstatement using this form.

General Release SR-58

This form releases you from liability if you have reimbursed the other party in the accident in full.

Conditional Release SR-59

This form keeps your driver license from being suspended if you are currently making payments to an affected party as a result of an accident.

Reinstatement Requirements DR-46A

If you need to know what the requirements are for the reinstatement of your license, you can use this form.

IRS W-9 Form

This form allows you to submit info about your reinstatement fee so that you can get a refund.

GDL Form DL-31

This is the graduated driver license form, which includes several documents for those who have their graduated licenses.

CDL Self Certification Affidavit

This form allows commercial drivers to inform the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) of the details regarding their commercial driving operations.

Safety Responsibility Claim Form SR-31

This form may help you get compensation for an accident if the responsible party initially refuses.

Hardship License Application DL-22

This form allows you to apply for a hardship driver license if you are not eligible for an ordinary license.

Duplicate Driver License / Non-Driver Identification Card of Out-of-State Renewal

This form is intended for drivers who cannot visit an office in person to renew their license, get a duplicate license, or get a non-driver identification card.

Change of Address

This form allows an Alabama resident with a valid driver license or identification card to update their address free of charge.

Crash Report Request

This form allows you to request detailed information about a crash that you were involved in.

Driver Record Request – 3 Year

If you want to request the last three years of your driver records in Alabama, you may do so with this form.

Driver Abstract Request

You can request your full Alabama driver records with this form.

Request for Motor Vehicle Record – Third Party

Third parties may request an individual’s driver license records with the use of this form.

Lifetime History Request – CDL Employer or Prospective Employer

An employer of CDL drivers or a prospective employer can use this form to request an individual’s full driving history in Alabama.

State BAR Abstract Request

If you are planning to take the state BAR and you need a driver abstract, you can use this form to request it.

Enrollment/Exclusion DL-93

This form allows you to submit proof of your school enrollment or of your exclusion from the school enrollment requirement.

Proof of Liability Insurance SR-21

If you have been in an accident, you can submit this form to prove that you had valid liability insurance.

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