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Alaska Address Change

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The Basics of Changing Your Address in Alaska

If you get a new Alaska address, you are required to update your license and registration. Alaska, like many other states, imposes a 30-day deadline for people who have moved to a new address to update their information. Anyone who does not update their address within 30 days could receive a fine. Thankfully, Alaska makes changing your address quick and easy. You can update your address online, by mail, or in person. Read on to learn more about changing your address in Alaska.

Changing Your Address If You’re Moving to Alaska From Another State

If you’re moving to Alaska from another state, you must get your new address on your Alaska driver’s license and vehicle registration. You will have to visit one of Alaska’s many DMV offices to get your new license and registration. Much of the required documentation is the same for getting a driver’s license and for getting a vehicle registration. For both the license and registration, you will need to submit proof of your Alaska residence. Forms of acceptable proof include:
  • Lease agreement or mortgage documents
  • Passport with Alaska address
  • Utility bill
  • Bank statement
When you are getting your driver’s license, you will also have to pass a written test and a vision test. You must additionally surrender your out-of-state license. When obtaining an Alaska registration for your vehicle, you have to submit proof of insurance and a completed application.

Changing Your Address If You’re Moving Within Alaska

It is easier and more convenient to change your address if you are already an Alaska resident. If this is the case, you have more options so that you can change your address in whatever the most convenient way is for you. In fact, you can actually change the address on your vehicle’s registration online. You can also do so via mail. You can also visit a DMV office to change your vehicle’s registration. Of course, you can also get a duplicate license with a new address when you visit an office in person. However, an in-person visit is not necessary. Though Alaska does not offer drivers the opportunity to order a permanent duplicate license online, they can get a temporary duplicate online. This will give you time to either get to a DMV office in person. This is the only way that drivers can get a permanent duplicate license in Alaska.

How Can I Ask Questions or Get More Information?

In Alaska, the Department of Administration’s Division of Motor Vehicles handles address changes. You can contact the DMV if you are having any issues changing your address or if you need more information about the process. The phone number is (907) 269-5551. You can also contact the DMV via email at Doa.Dmv.Webmaster@alaska.gov.
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Aug 8, 2022