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Alaska Drivers Education

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Driver’s education is a requirement for new drivers to obtain an AK learner’s permit. On the other hand, drivers can even take an Alaska defensive driving course or traffic school to reduce the number of points on their records or get an insurance discount.

Continue reading to learn more about driver education in Alaska.

Preparing for Driving Tests in Alaska

If you are a young driver who is preparing to get an AK learner’s permit, you will need to study for your written test. To prepare for your test, you can take Alaska DMV Practice Tests.

The Alaska DMV provides information about road rules in an easy-to-use format. Studying the literature provided by the AK DMV will help you with the written test. You must also take a driver’s ed class in school and/or study with a private driving instructor.

Provisional AK Driver’s License & Full Driver’s License Testing

Upon completing the requirements for your permit, you may take the tests for your provisional license. You must take the written test again. Keep in mind, the questions may be somewhat different, but the test itself will cover the same material. You can take a Alaska DMV Practice Test online.

You must also pass a road test to obtain a provisional license. To prepare for this test, you can practice your driving skills with your parent or driving instructor.

You will have to take the written test yet again when you turn 18 and become eligible for a full license. You also may have to take the road test again.

Traffic School in Alaska

Drivers may have an opportunity to attend an Alaska traffic school or a defensive driving course. Not only is traffic school cost-effective, but it is also convenient. There are providers that offer courses online and in-person courses.

There are various approved online and in-class courses offered by the AL DMV. In some cases, you can reduce points on your driving records, get a car insurance discount, and remove tickets from your record.

You might attend these courses after getting a speeding ticket or recording another traffic violation. A traffic violation may result in points on your license, and cause your insurance rates to skyrocket. If you accumulate too many points, you may be in danger of getting your license suspended.

Traffic school is not free. Licensed private companies offer these approved defensive driving courses, not by the state itself. Important to note, traffic school is much cheaper than increased insurance premiums and license reinstatement fees.

Defensive Driving Courses in Alaska

Alaska traffic school providers often offer defensive driving courses. Please note, completing these courses will not remove points from your AK driver’s license. You may, however, be eligible for an insurance discount. To find out if you are eligible, be sure to contact your car insurance company.

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Jun 14, 2022