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Alaska Driving Record

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Getting Your Alaska Driving Record

Driving records in Alaska are administered by the Department of Administration’s Division of Motor Vehicles. The Alaska DMV offers drivers two options for obtaining their driving records. They can file an application in person at one of Alaska’s many DMV offices. Alternatively, Alaska offers an online portal that makes it easy for drivers to get a copy of their motor vehicle record over the Internet. No matter which option you choose, you will have to complete an application.

It is also important to note that you will only be able to get your own driving record unless you have another driver’s permission to access their record.

Filling Out the Driving Record Application

In Alaska, you must fill out and submit the Request for Driving Record form to get a copy of a driving record in person. You do not need to submit this form if you are requesting a driving record online. However, you will need to fill out an online form that is similar to the hard-copy version.

Both versions of the form require the following information:

  • Driver’s license number
  • Social Security Number
  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Type of record requested


Keep in mind that the information you include on this form has to match your driver’s license exactly. Otherwise, your records request will not be successful. If you are requesting the record online, your request will be processed in seconds. If you submit a record request in person, it may take the DMV employee a few minutes to pull up your record. However, you will be able to get a copy of your driving record that day.

Fees & Payment Methods for Alaska Driving Records

There is a $10 fee for an Alaska driving record. This fee is consistent across all types of driving records. If you are paying the fee online, you can use debit cards and credit cards from Mastercard and Visa. Most offices also accept major credit and debit cards in addition to cash.

If you request a driving record in person, you will have to pay the base $10 fee. Some DMV offices may also charge a service fee. This fee will vary depending on the jurisdiction that the DMV office is located.

Types of Alaska Driving Records

There are three types of driving records in Alaska. These include individual driving records, CDL employment driving records, and insurance records.

Individual driving records are what most people need when they are looking for a copy of their Alaska driving record. An individual record will show your current driving states and any past accidents or convictions. An individual record will also include all of the information necessary for a CDL medical certification.

A CDL employment record shows a driver’s full history with an Alaska CDL license. It includes all of the information required by the federal Department of Transportation. An insurance record is similar to an individual record, though it does not include medical information.

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Dec 28, 2022