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In Alaska, as in all other states, car insurance is required. Alaska has basic auto insurance requirements that all vehicles must meet or exceed if they are going to be operated on public roads in the state. Drivers must carry proof of insurance at all times when operating a vehicle. This is most commonly an insurance card stowed in the vehicle’s glove compartment. Read on to learn more about Alaska’s car insurance requirements.

Basic Auto Insurance

Alaska’s basic auto insurance requirements are fairly similar to those seen in other states. The minimum car insurance in Alaska is:

  • Personal injury liability insurance: $50,000 for one person; $100,000 for two or more people
  • Property damage insurance: $25,000 of coverage

Of course, drivers are encouraged to get more than the bare minimum when they select an auto insurance policy. It is always a good idea to get uninsured motorist coverage, as a minority of drivers in Alaska do break the law and drive without insurance. It also may be a good idea to get roadside assistance coverage through your auto insurer.

Required Car Insurance Documents

Drivers in Alaska are required to keep proof of insurance in the vehicle at all times. This proof of insurance is usually in the form of an insurance card, though you could keep a copy of your policy in the car. The card does not actually need to be printed on cardstock. It can be printed on normal computer paper.

Your Insurance Card

Your insurance card will have a wide variety of information on it that law enforcement may need to check. The information on a typical auto insurance card includes:

  • Your full legal name
  • Your address
  • The name of your insurance company
  • Your insurance company’s address
  • Information about the types of coverage included in your policy
  • Your vehicle’s model year, make, and model
  • Your vehicle’s VIN
  • The effective date and end date of your policy
  • Contact information about your insurer
  • Instructions regarding what to do if you get in an accident

Auto Insurance Fraud

Auto insurance fraud is a misdemeanor in Alaska as long as the amount fraudulently gained is less than $500,000. Even though acts of car insurance fraud are likely to be only misdemeanors, there are still stiff penalties. People convicted of misdemeanor insurance fraud in Alaska can be sentenced to up to one year in prison and may have to pay a fine of up to $10,000.

Reporting Insurance Fraud to the State of Alaska

The Department of Commerce is responsible for investigating insurance fraud in Alaska. They make it easy for citizens to report insurance fraud with a simple phone call. Those in Anchorage can call (907) 269-7900 to file a report. Alaskans who are located outside Anchorage can call 1-800-867-8725 to file a report. There is also a Uniform Fraud Report form available online.

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Jul 5, 2023