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Alaska Selling a Vehicle

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The Basics

When you sell a vehicle in Alaska, you have to sign over the title and write up a bill of sale. This helps to properly record the sale and to ensure that all applicable laws are followed.

Signing Over the Title

Signing over the vehicle’s title is perhaps the most important part of transferring ownership. You must print your full legal name, sign the title, and note the date. The buyer will also need to sign the title. You must give the signed title to the buyer when the transaction is completed. You will also need to give the buyer the bill of sale. They must submit both the signed title and the bill of sale when getting a new title and registration for the vehicle.

Dealing With a Lost Title

You cannot sell a vehicle unless you can sign over the title. If you have lost your vehicle’s title, you will need to get a duplicate before you can sell it. Thankfully, Alaska makes it easy to get a duplicate title. Duplicate title applications are accepted by mail at the following address:

State of Alaska

Division of Motor Vehicles
3901 Old Seward Highway, Suite 101
Anchorage AK  99503

The title application must be notarized. A $15 fee is required.

Filling Out the Bill of Sale

The bill of sale required by Alaska is the Notice of Vehicle Sale for Transfer. You can submit this form online through this site. Alternatively, there should be a hard copy attached to the vehicle’s title. This can be submitted to any DMV office. You can even record your vehicle’s sale with an email to the DMV.

Why the Odometer Reading is Required

The odometer reading must be recorded on the title and on the bill of sale. This is to show that the vehicle’s odometer was not rolled back prior to the sale, which would be a crime.

Why the Bill of Sale is Required

The bill of sale is required so that the state knows who is legally responsible for the vehicle at all times. Also, it ensures that the state can collect the sales tax that it is due.

Transferring Plates in Alaska

It is possible to transfer plates from one vehicle to another in Alaska. You can do this with a vehicle you plan on selling. To transfer a plate, you must fill out an application and pay a $5 fee.

What If You Don’t Transfer Alaska Plates

The plates stay with the vehicle in Alaska unless they are personalized. If they are personalized, you can keep them and the buyer can get standard plates at no additional cost.

Giving Away a Car in Alaska

If you give a car to a charity in Alaska, you may be eligible for a tax deduction. The charity should give you a receipt that you can submit when you do your taxes. If you are thinking of giving your car to a friend or family member, you should keep in mind that they will still have to pay sales tax based on the vehicle’s assessed value.

How Executors Can Transfer a Car to an Heir in Alaska

 A deceased person’s will must go through probate and an executor must be named for the vehicle to be transferred to an heir. The executor can do this by submitting an application for a title transfer along with the probate documents and the documents naming them the executor of the estate.

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Jul 5, 2023