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Alaska Traffic Tickets

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The Basics of Traffic Violations in Alaska

Traffic violations are treated seriously in Alaska, even more seriously than they are in some other states. Alaska uses a point system to ensure that drivers do not accumulate too many traffic violations. If they do, they could end up getting their license suspended. They will eventually be able to get their licenses reinstated, but there will be lasting consequences for drivers who accumulate too many points. Not only are the fines expensive, but your insurance will likely be more costly. Read on to learn more about traffic violations in Alaska.

The Alaska Points System

Alaska has a straightforward points system that is similar to the systems used in many other states. Traffic violations are assigned a point value from 2-10 depending on how serious the offense is. Accumulating 12 points or more in a year will result in a license suspension. The same goes for accumulating 18 points in a 24-month period. If you have received multiple driver’s license suspensions in the past, your license could even be revoked.

How Long Points Stay On Your Record in Alaska

Points stay on your full driving record for life in Alaska. However, it is important to keep in mind that only you and the people you authorize can view this record. While points stay on your record for your entire time as an Alaska-licensed driver, they do not count toward a possible suspension for life. As previously mentioned, Alaska’s benchmarks for license suspension are set at 12 months and 24 months. This means that points on your license from more than 24 months ago will not leave you in danger of getting your license revoked or suspended.

It is possible to take points off your record before the 24-month deadline. Alaska offers drivers the opportunity to attend licensed traffic schools. Successfully completing a course at one of these schools will result in the removal of two or more points from your license.

Reinstating a Suspended License in Alaska

If your Alaska license has been suspended (not revoked), you will have the opportunity to get it reinstated. To do so, you will have to wait out the pre-determined suspension period. If you get caught driving without a license during this period, your license may be revoked. Once the suspension period is over, you can apply for reinstatement. Of course, you must have already paid any fees associated with your license suspension. In addition to paying the relevant fees, you will also have to take the written and vision tests again. You may even need to take a road test.

Traffic Fines in Alaska

If you get a ticket in Alaska, you can either pay the fine or challenge the ticket in court. If you pay the fine, you can expect to pay somewhere between $100 and $300. However, the exact cost of the ticket will vary depending on the offense and the location.

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