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Arizona Drivers Education

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A valid driver’s license is a legal requirement to operate a vehicle in the state of Arizona.

You must either take an AZ driver’s education course or complete supervised driving practice before you apply for your graduated Arizona driver’s license.

The Arizona MVD may waive the behind-the-wheel part of your driver’s license test if you complete an Arizona Driver’s Education course.

Keep in mind, Arizona driver’s ed course may include instruction in a classroom and training from an approved supervisor for behind-the-wheel instruction.

Testing and Preparing to Drive in AZ

In Arizona, the first DMV test that you may have to pass is a vision exam. You must likely pass both written and road tests to get your driver’s license at the AZ MVD.

You have to get at least an 80% score on the written exam in order to pass it. If you’d like to better prepare for your AZ written test, you can take an online Arizona DMV Practice Test.

Please keep in mind, you cannot have cell phones, electronic dictionaries, or anyone other than yourself in the testing area. You may bring backpacks, bags, purses. However, you will have to store them away from the testing computer in a designated area.

NOTE: If you have a valid driver’s license from another state, you may not have to take these written and road tests to obtain your Arizona driver’s license.

Arizona Driver’s License

You can take this road test at any Arizona MVD Driver License office. Be sure to call ahead and schedule your required road test. Additionally, you are required to provide your own vehicle.

After the written test, you must also pass a road test to get a driver’s license in Arizona. You must take the test in a class of vehicle that you are going to drive.

The fees for the Arizona MVD road test are as follows:

  • $25 for a Class A or B vehicle
  • $12.50 for a Class C vehicle
  • Add $5 if you are adding a passenger or school bus endorsement to an existing Commercial Driver’s License.

Professional AZ Driver Education School

There are many driving school locations in Arizona. View the Arizona Department of Transportation’s interactive map to find the location of the driving school closest to you. You may also opt to take an Approved Online AZ Driver Education Course.

You should directly contact the AZ driving schools to find out about class schedules and the courses offered at a specific site.

Adaptive Driving Schools in Arizona

For certain AZ traffic violations, you may have to attend adaptive or rehabilitation driving school. One of those kinds of adaptive driving school is an AZ defensive driving course. One of the requirements is you must not have attended an defensive driving course in Arizona for an eligible traffic citation within the past 12 months.

You can only have 1 violation dismissed if you attend a defensive driving course. Remember to complete your defensive driving course at least 7 days prior to your court date. Important to note, drivers are ineligible for a defensive driving course if he or she was involved in a fatal accident or a serious injury accident.

In some cases, you can take an online defensive driving course to receive a discount on your car insurance. Contact your insurance company for eligibility requirements.

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Mar 2, 2023