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Arizona Drivers License

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Locate a Licensing Center in Arizona

In order to get any kind of driver’s license in Arizona, you must first find a licensing center. In the state of Arizona, you get a driver’s license from a Motor Vehicle Division office. The Motor Vehicle Division is part of the Arizona Department of Transportation. You can easily look up a list of MVD offices in Arizona. Also, if you wish, you can access a map of MVD offices and find a licensing center near you that way.

Getting Your Class G license

If you are at least 16 years old but younger than 18 years old, you can get a Class G license. This is also known as a graduated license. You have to have held an Arizona instruction permit for a minimum of six months and satisfactorily completed an Arizona driver education program approved by the MVD. Otherwise, your parent or guardian must provide written certification that you have practiced driving for at least 30 years under supervision, including at least 10 hours of night driving. Teen drivers with a Class G license cannot drive between midnight and 5 AM during the first six months of holding their Class G license unless a parent or legal guardian with a valid driver’s license is in the front passenger seat or the teen is driving to or from a sanctioned religious activity, school-sponsored activity, family emergency, or place of employment.

Renew Your Driver’s License

In the majority of cases, you can renew your Arizona driver’s license online. All you have to do is sign into your Arizona MVD account, click on “Renew Now”, and follow the instructions. In the event you do need to visit an MVD office to renew your license, you can easily schedule an appointment online.

Getting Your Class D License

For teens who already have a Class G license, they can get a Class D License when they turn 18. First, bring your provisional license and acceptable proof of ID, a driver’s license application, and payment. A non-Travel ID costs $12 and a Travel ID costs $25.

For those without a Class G license, you must first complete the driver’s license/Identification Card Application and submit it. After that, surrender your out-of-state driver’s license. For a Travel ID driver’s license, you need original or certified copies in English of one document to prove your identity, your SSN, and two documents proving Arizona residency. You must then pass a vision exam, pass the written knowledge test, pass the driving test, and pay the appropriate fee. After all this, you will get a temporary license with your photo and you will receive your permanent Arizona driver’s license in the mail.

How to Replace Your Driver’s License in Arizona

If your driver’s license gets lost or stolen, you will have to replace it. Thankfully, you can easily replace your Arizona driver’s license online. You can also replace your ID online if necessary, too.

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