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Arizona Driving Record

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How to Get Your Arizona Driving Record

It is important to note that you must have a ‘permissible use’ for requesting and getting a record from the Arizona MVD that has personal identifying information. Examples of such information include your SSN, driver’s license number, name, address, and your image among other information. You can get and print out a copy of a record online if you are eligible to do so. Alternatively, you can get a copy of a driving record in Arizona by completing and submitting a Motor Vehicle Record Request form. You can submit this form by mail or at any MVD office in Arizona.

Applying to Receive Your Arizona Driving Record

In addition to completing and submitting the Motor Vehicle Record Request form, there are other steps you have to take to get your Arizona driving record. You should know that you do not need a permissible use if you are requesting your own record.

You also have to have your signature on the form notarized. Otherwise, your signature must be witnessed by an MVD agent in order to be valid for the Motor Vehicle Record Request form. The only type of motor vehicle record you can get online in Arizona is a 39-month uncertified motor vehicle record.

Required Documents

First and foremost, you will need to bring a completed Motor Vehicle Record Request form, also known as Form 46-4416, with you to the MVD office. You will have to check the appropriate permissible use box on the form to get this record if you are requesting someone else’s driving record. You can also bring a signed consent form from the driver instead that gives you permission to access their driving record.

Fees for Obtaining Your Arizona Driving Record and Acceptable Payment Methods

If you want to get an uncertified record, you can pay $3 to receive a three-year uncertified driving record. If you would like a certified driving record, the fee is $5 for a five-year driving record. You can submit this payment by mail or at any Motor Vehicle Division office in the state of Arizona. Additionally, you can also submit this payment at any authorized third-party office in the state of Arizona.

You can pay for these fees with cash or a check or money order made payable to “Motor Vehicle Division”. You can also pay for these fees by credit card at some Arizona MVD locations. You will have to contact the Arizona MVD to see if your local Arizona MVD location accepts payments via credit card.

Kinds of Driving Records

One main distinction between driving records in Arizona is that you can get either certified or uncertified driving records. The 39-month uncertified driving record is one kind and shows your traffic violations in the past 39 months and it is available by mail, online, or in person. The 39-month certified driving record displays your traffic violations in the past 39 months as well but is only available in person. The 5-year certified and uncertified driving records show all of your traffic history in the past five years and are available to you in person or by mail.

Last Verified:
Dec 28, 2022