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Arizona Selling a Vehicle

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The Basics of Selling A Vehicle in Arizona

The first thing that you need to know about selling a vehicle in Arizona is that you have to notify the MVD by completing a sold notice right away when you sell a vehicle. Thankfully, you can use this service for free. Completing this sold notice can protect you from liability in the event the vehicle you sold is:

  • Ticketed
  • Abandoned ($500 fee)
  • Involved in an accident
  • Used for criminal activity

Signing Over The Title To The Buyer

Signing the title over to the person purchasing your vehicle is an important step in the process of selling your vehicle. In Arizona, you are required to do this by signing off the back of the title. You are also required to have your signature notarized when you are selling a vehicle in the state of Arizona. Governor Doug Doucey issued an executive order on April 8, 2020 that allows Arizonans to get documents notarized remotely to support the state’s COVID-19 guidelines.

What To Do If You Lose The Title

The buyer losing your vehicle’s plate is certainly stressful and can complicate things, especially if you were planning to transfer that license plate to another vehicle. However, in the event that you sell your vehicle and your plate was lost, stolen, or damaged, you can apply your credit or even request a refund. You can also replace the lost plate for only a cost of $5 when you transfer the credit to another vehicle that is in your ownership.

Transferring License Plates in Arizona

As you might have surmised, you retain your license plates when you sell your vehicle to another person in the state of Arizona. You can transfer your license plates to another vehicle that you own after you sell your previous vehicle. In the event that your vehicle’s license plates become damaged or unreadable, you need to replace them before you can sell the vehicle.

This is because Arizona law requires a vehicle owner to replace any issued license plate that has become damaged, deteriorated, illegible, or unreadable. You can replace the license plate by contacting MVD or going to an Authorized Third Party Office. Doing so costs $5.

Can I Transfer My Vehicle’s Title Electronically?

If you are a qualified seller in Arizona, you can transfer your vehicle’s title electronically. To complete a eTitle Transfer, the following requirements must be met:

  • One owner to one owner
  • Arizona title and current Arizona registration
  • Passenger vehicles

You can check out the rest of the requirements for a eTitle Transfer in Arizona here. Some of the other requirements are no liens on the vehicle record or added to the vehicle record, no brands or statuses that prohibit a vehicle transfer, and the seller must have Arizona customer records or a number with a photo on file.

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Dec 28, 2022