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Arizona Traffic Tickets

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Traffic Violations in Arizona

Comparatively, Arizona has a lower amount of drivers compared to other states. Statistics from 2018 show that Arizona had 5,284,970 licensed drivers at the time the survey was conducted and the data was gathered. The penalties, fines, and court costs for traffic tickets in Arizona vary depending on your violation and the court that reviews said violation or violations.

Your traffic ticket will tell you about your specific penalties and fees. You can have your traffic ticket dismissed by completing a defensive driving course in some cases. To get more information, you can contact the Arizona county court that is listed on your citation.

Arizona Points System

Arizona uses a driving record points system much like many other states. Moving violations like disobeying traffic signals or speeding can lead to significant fines and points added to your Arizona driving record. You get between 2 and 8 points per infraction. If the violation is more severe, then you will receive more points. Here are some examples of how this works:

  • You receive 3 points for a speeding ticket
  • You receive 8 points for driving drunk (DUI)

You must go to Traffic Survival School if you receive 8 or more points in a 12-month period

How Can You Reduce Driving Record Points?

In many states, you can reduce the amount of points on your driving record by taking a defensive driving course or attending traffic survival school. In Arizona, this is not the case. You can reduce driving record points by other means, though. You should reach out to an Arizona traffic ticket attorney or talk to your local Arizona MVD office to learn more about reducing driving record points.


License Suspension and Auto Insurance Rates

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division may suspend your license if you accumulate too many points on your driving record. This means accumulating 8 points or more on your driving record within a 12-month period. Your license’s suspension could last for up to 12 months, though this depends on various factors such as the specific violations that caused you to accumulate points on your driving record.

You also might have to go to a Traffic Survival School. Excessive points on your driving record also usually negatively affects your auto insurance rate. If your insurance provider deems you a ‘high-risk driver’, your auto insurance rates will be higher.

Traffic Fines in Arizona

As previously stated, traffic fines in Arizona can vary because of many factors. Your traffic ticket should show the fine you have to pay. Court costs vary depending on the court that handles your case. However, fines related to DUI offenses remain consistent. The fine for your first DUI offense is at least $1,250 and the fine for your second DUI offense is a minimum of $3,250. If you just want to pay your ticket, you can do so via the Arizona Courts Online Payment system. You can pay your ticket using the websites of some city courts and county courts, as well. You can also pay your ticket over the phone if you wish.

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