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Arkansas Title Transfer

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How to Transfer a Vehicle Title in Arkansas: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to transfer a vehicle title in Arkansas, including the necessary forms, fees, and processing locations. Get answers to the top 5 commonly asked questions about title transfers in the state.


How to Transfer a Vehicle Title in Arkansas

Transferring a vehicle title is an important step when buying or selling a vehicle in Arkansas. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step process, highlight the required forms and fees, and answer the most common questions about title transfers in the state.

  • Step 1: Gather Required Documents:
    • Vehicle Title: The current owner should have the original vehicle title.
    • Bill of Sale: A completed and signed bill of sale is required.
    • Odometer Disclosure: If the vehicle is less than ten years old, an Odometer Disclosure Statement is necessary.
    • Proof of Insurance: Provide proof of insurance for the newly acquired vehicle.
  • Step 2: Complete the Vehicle Title:
    • Fill out the Assignment of Title section on the back of the original vehicle title with the buyer’s information.
    • Make sure all information, including the purchase price and odometer reading, is accurate and complete.
  • Step 3:Obtain a Transfer of Ownership Application:
    • Download the Transfer of Ownership Application form from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) website.
    • Fill out the form completely, providing details about the vehicle and both the buyer and seller.
  • Step 4:Calculate and Pay the Fees:
    • Visit the Arkansas DFA website to calculate the transfer of ownership fees based on the vehicle’s market value.
    • Make the payment online or in person at a local DFA office. Check the website for acceptable payment methods.
  • Step 5:Submit the Required Documents:
    • In-Person: Visit your nearest Arkansas DFA Revenue Office or a designated Regional Office to submit the completed title, bill of sale, Odometer Disclosure, proof of insurance, and the Transfer of Ownership Application.
    • By Mail: Mail all the required documents to the address specified on the Transfer of Ownership Application form.

Top 5 Common Questions About Title Transfers in Arkansas

Q1.How much does it cost to transfer a vehicle title in Arkansas?
Refer to the Arkansas DFA website for the current transfer of ownership fees based on the vehicle’s value. Link to DFA fees calculation page

Q2. Can I transfer a vehicle title without the original title document?
No, the original title document is required for a proper title transfer. If lost, you may need to apply for a duplicate title from the Arkansas DFA.

Q3.Do I need to notify the Arkansas DFA after completing a title transfer?
It is not required to notify the Arkansas DFA after completing a title transfer, as they will update their records accordingly.

Q4. What if there is a lienholder on the vehicle title?
If there is an outstanding lien on the vehicle, the lienholder should complete the Release of Lien section on the vehicle title before transferring ownership.

Q5. How long does it take to receive a new vehicle title after transferring ownership?
Typically, you should receive the new vehicle title within 4 to 6 weeks after submitting the required documents. You can contact the Arkansas DFA for any delays or inquiries.

Transferring a vehicle title in Arkansas involves gathering the necessary documents, completing the title assignment, filling out the Transfer of Ownership Application, paying the fees, and submitting the required documents. By following these steps and ensuring all information is accurate, you can successfully transfer a vehicle title in Arkansas. For more detailed information, consult the official Arkansas DFA website.
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Jul 28, 2023