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Arkansas Criminal Record

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The Arkansas State Police and Arkansas Department of Public Safety keep track of all criminal records for the purposes of background checks or criminal history checks.

What Are Criminal Records?

Criminal records are a history of a person’s criminal convictions and involvement with the law. Criminal records are kept updated locally, at the state level, and at the federal level. These records are maintained by the state police in most cases, although some records are available through the Federal Bureau of Investigation if they involve federal charges or interactions with federal agents.

How Are Criminal Records Used?

Criminal records are normally searched and reviewed during a background check. Background checks may be used for many reasons such as for:

  • Property rental
  • Security clearance
  • Purchasing weapons or firearms
  • Military service
  • International travel
  • Visa qualification
  • Employment
  • School admittance
  • Fostering or adopting
  • Voter registration
  • For law enforcement purposes


How Can Someone Access Your Criminal Records?

The Arkansas Department of Public Safetyhas an online criminal background check system that is provided by the Arkansas State Police. Authorized individuals may perform criminal history checks through this system. The system in Arkansas is limited to those who have the written consent of the subject of the record, such as an applicant for a job.

For this system, the cost for a background checkis:

  • $22 for a name-based check
  • $11 for a name-based check by volunteers
  • $14.25 for a national or FBI fingerprint-based check
  • $12.25 for a national or FBI fingerprint-based check for volunteers
General Public

The general public can pay $25 to complete a notarized background checkmanually. They must fill out the ASP-122 form for the background check and must have a written, notarized release from the subject.

Electronic background checks are open to employers, professional licensing boards, and others authorized by law. There is still a requirement to have a signed release from the subject.

Sex Crimes

The ACIC sex offender registryis available openly. Offenders may be searched by city, county, zip code, or address. Email and phone notifications are also available and will notify those who sign up of any offenders living within a specific radius of an address that was submitted.

How Can You Request a Criminal Record?

To request your criminal record in Arkansas, you have two options. The first option is a manual method. This costs $25. You will need to submit form ASP-122 to the State Police. This can be mailed to:

Arkansas State PoliceIdentification Bureau
1 State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, AR 72209

This method takes up to 10 days, not including the mailing time.

The second method is to go through the electronic process. You can register online with the Arkansas State Police and then register for electronic internet service with the Information Network of Arkansas. Following this, you can access certain criminal history information online. The electronic process costs $22 in total, and there is a $75 annual fee.

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Dec 28, 2022