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Arkansas DMV Forms

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In Arkansas, the Arkansas Driver Services and AR Office of Motor Vehicle provide access to the forms needed to drive or take care of vehicle-related issues. Many forms need to be picked up from the local office near you, but some are available online. For questions about where to get forms, contact:
  • Driver Services at (501) 371-5581
  • Office of Motor Vehicle at (501) 682-4692

Official Release of Lien Permission to Issue a Replacement Title

Official Release of Lien Permission to Issue a Replacement Title, or form 10-315, is a request to release a lien or to issue a replacement title for a vehicle that still has a lien in place.

Request for Personalized License Plate

Those who would like to request a unique, personalized license plate can fill out form 10-376 and submit it to the OMV.

Request for Title or Watercraft Registration with Beneficiary

Request for Title or Watercraft Registration with Beneficiary, or form 108, is used to add, change, or remove a beneficiary on a vehicle or vessel’s title in Arkansas.

Vehicle Registration Application

All vehicles need to be registered. To transfer a registration, get a duplicate registration, apply for a new registration or title, use form 10-381. This form may also be used to record a lien on a vehicle.

Vehicle Bill of Sale Odometer Disclosure Statement

When selling a vehicle, you need to include a bill of sale as well as the odometer statement. This form, form 10-313, is a combined bill of sale and disclosure form used when transferring ownership of a vehicle.

Authorization for Title Assignment and Mileage Disclosure and Bill of Sale of a Motor Vehicle

There is an all-inclusive form, MV 100-03, for those selling vehicles and transferring ownership. The form includes the authorization to transfer the title, the odometer disclosure and the bill of sale.

Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination

Commercial drivers must be fit to drive or could lose their licenses. CDL applicants need to submit form 649-F, a medical fitness form, to the Office of Driver Services to apply for their licenses.

Licensed Physician’s/Organizations Certificate for issuance of Special License Plate or Certificate for a Person with a Disability

If you or someone you know has a disability and would benefit from a special license plate or placard, use the disability form 10-336. This form is for both people and organizations that would like to have placards or disabled license plates. The form must be signed by a licensed physician and submitted to the Arkansas OMV unless it is being submitted by an organization.

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Aug 9, 2022