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Arkansas Driving Record

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How to Obtain Your Arkansas Driving Record

Your Arkansas driving record has your entire driving history including any DUI convictions, traffic infractions, accidents and violations. If you want to obtain a copy, then you need to apply for one. Getting a copy, and reviewing it, is smart to help guarantee that it is up-to-date and that your identity is protected against identity theft.

Applying to Get the Driving Record

To get your driving record, you will want to decide if you need the insurance record or commercial record. The insurance record is recorded over a three-year period and has accidents, DUIs, and driving violations on it. This is usually used by insurance companies to determine insurance premiums.
Commercial records are also used as employment records. This complete driving history has violations that stay much longer than on an insurance record.
To get your driver record, you need to order it from the DFA. You can do this in person, online or by mail.

In Person

In person, fill out the Driving Records Request form at the Little Rock Driving Records Office or the Arkansas Revenue Office. You will need to pay $10 for a commercial record or $8.50 for the insurance record.


Online, log into the Online Driver Record (Traffic Violation Report) Request System. It will ask for your license number and issue date, a credit card to pay the fees, and the last five digits of your Social Security number. Online, the fees for your records are $10 for an insurance record or $13 for a commercial record.

By Mail

You can ask for your driving records by mail. Fill out the Driving Records Request form, include the fee, and mail your request to:

Driving RecordsRoom 1130
P. O. Box 1272 RM 1130
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203

Required Documentation

To get your record, you will need to fill out the Driving Records Request. If you have questions about this form, contact the AR Department of Finance and Administration at (501) 682-7204.

Fees for Getting Your Driving Record and Payment Methods

If you would like to get your insurance record, it is $10 when purchased online or $8.50 by mail or in person. The commercial record is available online for $13 or by mail or in person for $10.

Types of Driving Records

There are two kinds of driving records in Arkansas, insurance records and commercial records. Insurance records only cover three years of information, while commercial records have a longer history for the purpose of recording driving issues to employers.
When you only need to check your record to make sure of its accuracy for the purpose of reducing your insurance rate or checking on points, the insurance records are enough. The commercial records are normally pulled by employers for the purpose of hiring a professional driver, such as someone with a CDL.

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Dec 28, 2022