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Arkansas Traffic Tickets

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There are both moving violations and nonmoving violations that may result in citations, fines, and even the potential to lose your license. In Arkansas, some of the most major violations include driving under the influence, not carrying car insurance, and reckless driving.

Traffic Violations Overview

If you get a traffic ticket and pay the ticket, then you are admitting to guilt. Pleading no contest, alternatively, means that you aren’t contesting the charges.

The fines and penalties are the same regardless. You’ll get points on your license, and you could face a drivers’ license suspension or revocation if you have too many. Additionally, if your insurance drops you or becomes too expensive, you may no longer be able to drive legally.

A point range between 3 and 8 points is assessed for all moving violations. The threshold of 10 points delivers a warning to drivers. With 14 or more, a hearing is scheduled to determine if the person’s license will be suspended.

Arkansas Points System

In Arkansas, drivers get points when they violate traffic laws. For example, low-level speeding tickets may result in three points added to the person’s license.

Those points add up, and they may result in fines, a license suspension, or a full revocation of your driving privileges. A full list of the points for various traffic violations is located here on the Driver Improvement page at the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

How Long Points Last

In Arkansas, demerit points stay on your license for up to 36 months. If you have fewer than 10 points, you won’t face consequences. However, those with 10 to 13 points will receive a warning, and those with 14 or above will need to go to a hearing.

If you take a defensive driving course or another court-approved driving course, you may be able to remove some points from your license, depending on your specific circumstances.


License Suspension and Reinstatement

Drivers who are problematic on the road will lose their license. Those who collect 14 points on their license will have to attend a hearing to determine if their license will be suspended or revoked.

Paying Fines

Remember that paying your ticket is an admission of guilt. If you pay a traffic ticket, you will waive your right to challenge that ticket in court. Depending on how many points you have on your license, you could lose your license or see an increase in your car insurance rates.

To pay your traffic fines, you can pay online, in person, or by mail. The cost of those tickets will vary by the district court.

To pay your ticket online, sign up for the Arkansas e-Traffic Program. You can also pay on the district court’s website. You’ll need to have the citation number and a credit card to pay.

You may also pay in person or by mail. How to do this varies by district, so reach out to the local court for more information.

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Dec 28, 2022