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California Driving Record

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California keeps records on anyone who has a driving history within the state. The records, known as driver license records or DMV records by the California Department of Motor Vehicles may be needed for a few reasons, such as to submit them to court when they’re requested, to an employer, to monitor for identity theft, or to make sure the information is accurate.

There are two kinds of driver’s license records, unofficial and official. You can find the unofficial copy online, but an official record is only available if you go to the DMV in person or seek a copy through the mail.


How to Get Your California Driving Record

To get your California Driving Record, the easiest method is to apply online. You can fill out the digital form INF 1125 with the necessary information and pay a fee on the California Department of Motor Vehicle’s website. You can also apply by mail, in person, or by telephone. You can apply for another person’s driving record as well. If approved, then the DMV will process your request and send the records to your location.

What’s the Application Process for a CA Driving Record?

To apply for your CA driving record, complete form INF 1125 and submit it by mail, in person, or online. You can also seek a copy of your records by calling (916) 657-8098.

What Do You Need to Get Your Driving Record?

If you are applying for your driving record online, you will need to complete the request after creating an account on the DMV’s website. Then, you will need to complete form INF 1125.

If you are applying online, you will need to pay by e-check, credit card, or debit card. The fee is $2 plus 2.1% in transaction fees. If you apply in person, the cost is $5.

Your request for a driving record should include:

  • The record number/title
  • How many copies you’d like
  • Your telephone number
  • Your name
  • Your business name (if applicable)
  • Your street address

How Can You Get Your Driving Record

There are a few ways to get your driving record. One is online. Another is in person. The third way is to request it by mail.

Requesting Records Online

To request your records online, you need to set up an account on the California DMV’s website.

Requesting Records in Person

If you would like to request your records in person, take your license and the payment ($5) with you to the local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Requesting Records by Mail

To request your driving record by mail, you need to mail a completed form INF 1125 to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This costs $5. If you use a debit or credit card to pay, then there is a 2.1% transaction fee added. If you decide to use an e-check, you can only purchase one item at a time.

Send the completed form and enclosed payment to:

Department of Motor VehiclesP.O. Box 944247 MS G1999
Sacramento, CA 94244-2470

Costs and How to Pay

The cost of an online, unofficial driving record is just $2 with any applicable credit card fees. The cost of an in-person or mail-in official copy is $5. You can pay with cash, e-check, credit, or debit.

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