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Application for Title or Registration

California is a unique state in that most of its forms are now online. The physical copies may also be available.

California’s Application for Title or Registration is form REG 343. This form is used to apply for a title or the registration of a vehicle. It also works to verify the vehicle.

Affidavit for Transfer Without Probate California Titled Vehicle or Vessels Only (REG 5)

If someone passes away and the estate is headed to probate, this form can help. The decedent’s vessel or vehicle can be passed on with the REG 5 form to bypass probate in California. This cannot be used with power of attorney (POA) and may require REG 256 to be completed as well.

Renew/Replace DL- Out of State for an Extended Period

If a driver is not within the state, there is a simple option for replacing or renewing a license through the online renewal program in California. License holders who are 69 and younger may use this system. Those who are older may renew online or by mail.

REG 343 Title and Register a Vehicle While Temporarily Located Out Of State

REG 343 allows drivers to register a vehicle that is a nonresident vehicle. This requires an Application for Title or Registration (Form REG 343). Registration fees are due within 20 days of the date when they are due in the primary state.

Driver’s Record Request Form INF 1125

To request a copy of a driving record, fill out form INF 1125. There is a $2 fee to apply for these records online, and a 2.1% service fee is added to any debit or credit card transactions. For physical applications, the fee is $5.

Disabled Person Parking Placard Form Application

To obtain a Disabled Person Parking Placard, fill out form REG 195.

Disabled Person Parking Placard Application Checklist

For any disabled person parking placard, you need to pay a fee. Then:

  • Complete and sign REG 195
  • Have a licensed medical professional sign the Medical Provider’s Certification of Disability
  • Mail the original application to the address listed on REG 195

ADM 399: Application for Refund

ADM 399 is used to request refunds for overpayments to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Fill out this form and mail it in, or submit a form online.

Deceased Persons Matters

Using the Application for Duplicate or Transfer of Title, REG 277, the Affidavit for Transfer without Probate (REG 5), Vehicle/Vessel Transfer Reassignment (REG 262), and the Statement of Facts (REG 256) it’s possible to transfer a vehicle to a new party following a person’s death.

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