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Colorado DMV Locations

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The Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Services (DMV) offers an array of services. Residents can obtain DMV services online, by mail and at various service centers that are located in every county. The following information will help to narrow your search for specific DMV services.

Licensing Centers

The DMV has several licensing centers located across Colorado. You can perform an online search for specific driver license office locations. The DMV provides average wait times for the prior hour to help residents get a good idea of the realistic wait times for services.

Vehicle Centers

The DMV operates several County Motor Vehicle Offices that provide residents with vehicle-related services. You can perform an online search to the office location nearest to you.

Among services that you can access are title and registration services, including transfers and renewals. You also can obtain vehicle inspections and rebuilt or salvage titles.

The DMV vehicle centers also provide residents with titling and registration services for motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, campers and other properties that require titles and registrations.

Road Testing Locations

The Colorado DMV does not provide road-testing services. instead, it recommends state-certified driver education schools that provide road-testing services. You can search road-testing locations online for certified third-party providers of commercial driver’s licensing training and road-testing, motorcycle training and road-testing, and Colorado driver’s education and road-testing services. Successful completion of certified third-party road-testing courses enables residents to obtain their respective licenses at a Colorado DMV licensing center.

Inspection Locations

Car owners and drivers need to ensure the vehicles they drive are relatively safe to drive and do not cause air or noise pollution. Colorado requires a variety of vehicle inspections, including car seat inspections to help ensure young children can be protected as much as possible during your travels. Mandatory and voluntary inspection services are available for:

  • Car Seat Inspections
  • Emissions Testing
  • Vehicle inspections

Any vehicle that is six model years old or newer is exempt from Colorado’s emissions testing requirements. So are electric vehicles of any age as they do not produce emissions. Motorcycles are the only road-going vehicles that do not require emissions testing.

For all other passenger vehicles that require emissions testing, you can find a Colorado emissions-testing location near you by searching the Air Care Colorado site. Any vehicle that is a 1982 model year or newer must pass a biennial emissions test that costs $25, plus a $20 VIN verification fee. Vehicles that are 1981 and older model years must pass annual emissions testing that costs $15, plus the $20 VIN verification fee.

Regional Service Centers

The Colorado DMV offers the same range of services at its various office locations throughout the state. The advent of online services has virtually eliminated the need for regional service centers as well as remote kiosks. A combination of online DMV services as well as those that you can obtain via mail or at one of the dozens of county services centers fulfills the needs of state residents and motorists.

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