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Connecticut Address Change

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What Are the Basics?

When you move, it’s necessary to update your address with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You have only 48 hours to notify the DMV of your move if you move to a new location within the state.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving Within Connecticut?

If you are moving to a new address within Connecticut, it’s important to let the DMV know as soon as possible. You have 48 hours to return the form: Change of Address and Organ/Tissue Donor Status (Form B-58) to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This form can be sent to:

Department of Motor Vehicles60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161
Attn: Change of Address Unit

How Long Do I Have to Complete This?

You must complete the form and return it to the DMV within 48 hours of your move.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving To Connecticut from Another State?

If you are coming to live in Connecticut and were previously in another state, you need to inform the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles that you’ve come to the state and apply for a Connecticut driver’s license. You also need to register your vehicle with the state.

You will also need to transfer your out-of-state driver’s license. To do this, you should go to your local CT DMV in person and provide:

You will be asked to pass a vision test before you can obtain a license in Connecticut.

Once you complete the emissions test and have your vehicle’s VIN verified, you should go to the local DMV office in person to file the documents and pay the new registration fee for your vehicle as well.

Vehicle registrations in Connecticut are priced according to the type of vehicle you own. A passenger vehicle’s registration is $120 for three years.

How Long Do I Have to Complete This?

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles gives drivers up to 60 days to get a license, register out-of-state vehicles, and to pass the emissions test.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving From Connecticut?

If you are moving out of Connecticut, you should let the state known and return your license plates with a written cancellation request. Send the plates to:

Department of Motor VehiclesAttn: Plate Return
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161-5057

Who Do I Call With Questions?

If you need to speak with someone at the Connecticut DMV, you can call:

  • 860-263-5700 (Within Hartford)
  • 800-842-8222 (Outside of Hartford)
  • 860-263-5700 (When calling from outside of Connecticut)

When you call, make sure that you have your license plate number (if you have it) and your driver’s license number ready to help look up your vehicle.

Last Verified:
Jun 18, 2022