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Connecticut Buying a Vehicle

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If you buy a vehicle in Connecticut, you need to register it with the DMV.

Obtaining a Title and Registration For a Vehicle Bought from a Car Dealership

If you purchase a vehicle from a car dealership in Connecticut, then you may be able to register with the dealership directly. The Department of Motor Vehicles collaborates with dealers to process passenger plates, commercial plates and combination plates. They are able to help with registration services.

To register with the car dealership, you will need two checks. The first check is processed by the DMV’s system. The second is forwarded to the Connecticut DMV to pay the registration tax, which is determined by the kind of vehicle you purchased. The dealer handles this transaction.

If a specific dealership is not offering these services, then you need to go to the DMV in person. You need to make an appointment on the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles’ website to come to a dealership that handles new or used vehicle registrations before you arrive.

Obtaining a Title and Registration for a Vehicle Bought from a Private Party

To get a title and registration for a vehicle you purchased from a private party, you’ll need to make an appointment with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. You can schedule your appointment for a new or temporary registration here on the Connecticut DMV website.

Filling Out the Title

To fill out the title, you need to sign your name in the box that reads “Name of Buyer(s).” If there will be two owners, then they should sign with and/or between their names.

Registering the Purchased Vehicle

To register your vehicle in Connecticut, you will need to:

If you are coming to live in Connecticut and were previously in another state, you need to inform the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles that you’ve come to the state and apply for a Connecticut driver’s license. You also need to register your vehicle with the state.

You will also need to transfer your out-of-state driver’s license. To do this, you should go to your local CT DMV in person and provide:

  • Check for outstanding issues with the vehicle, such as insurance lapses or property taxes owed
  • Gather documents for the DMV including your:
    • Identification
    • Proof of insurance
    • Bill of slae
    • Completed form H-13B
    • Payment ($195 for a passenger vehicle with new plates and no lien)
    • Proof of ownership
  • Take your vehicle to an emissions test center (if it is from out of state only. The fee is $20)
  • Make an appointment at the DMV to register your vehicle

Submitting Payment

Your vehicle’s registration cost will vary based on the kind of vehicle purchased. For a standard passenger vehicle with new plates and no lien, the fee is $195. You can submit this by check, cash, or by card in person at the DMV. Bring all of the above information with you when you make your appointment. Please note that you do need an appointment to register your vehicle.

If you register your vehicle through a dealership, you have the option of paying in whatever way the dealership accepts. The DMV prefers a check, since one check is run through the dealer’s DMV system and another is submitted by the dealer themselves.

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Dec 28, 2022