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Connecticut Drivers License

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If you want to renew your license in Connecticut, you can do so online, by mail in some cases, or by going to the local DMV.

Getting a license for the first time

For your first-time license, you need to obtain a learner’s permit whether you’re a child or adult.
Age 16, 17
  • Hold a learner’s permit for 120 days for driving school enrollees or 180 if you’re learning at home
  • Complete 40 hours of training on the road with a two-hour course for a guardian or parent
  • Complete 30 hours of classroom instruction
  • Pass a road skills test
Age 18+
  • Obtain an adult learner’s permit and hold it for 90 days
  • Take the road skills test

Renewing your license

You can renew your license online, in person, or by mail in some cases.
Renewing your license online:
To renew your license online, you must be seeking a plain license, not REAL ID, and be renewing within six months before the expiration or two years after the expiration of your license. You cannot renew your license online if you didn’t get a new photo the last time you got your license, are applying for a REAL ID, aren’t a US citizen and in other situations. If you don’t qualify to renew it online, then you should renew your license in person.
Renewing your license in person:
To renew your license in person, visit your local DMV office or alternative office within 180 days before your license expires or up to two years after.
Renewing your license by mail:
Certain people are able to renew their licenses by mail. This includes:
  • Those on active duty in the military
  • Those who are medically unable to go to a DMV branch
  • Those out of the state or country
  • Those who are currently incarcerated
Those who are eligible to renew by mail should fill out a Request for a Connecticut Driver’s License/Identification Card by Mail (Form B-350)

Do you need a Real ID?

Do you have to get a new REAL ID? No, but you’ll want it if you travel domestically. Starting on May 2023, the government will require anyone who travels by airplane to have a REAL ID. People entering certain federal buildings will also need to have this form of verified ID. If your license has a gold star, then you have a REAL ID. If not, you can schedule an appointment and ask for a REAL ID specifically

Upgrade your probationary license

If you have a learner’s permit and want to update your license to a primary license, you must show that you’ve completed the testing and driving requirements on the permit. Then, take the road skills test and apply for the driver’s license.

Replace a lost or stolen license

If your license is lost or stolen, you can ask for a duplicate online or in person at a local DMV. You will need your:

  • Date of birth
  • First and last name as it appears of the driver’s license
  • Driver’s license number
  • Social security number
  • A credit or debit card
  • Your street address

The license will arrive within 20 days after completing the form. If you go to the DMV in person, you’ll get a temporary license at the appointment.

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Jun 14, 2022