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Connecticut DMV Forms

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Some forms for the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles are not available for download, because carbon copies are needed for the DMV’s records. You can get those forms in person. Other forms are available to download on the Department of Motor Vehicle’s website. You can search by name or by form number, if you know which form you’re looking for.

Application for Registration and Title

The Application for Registration and Title is a new, updated form used to register and title a new or recently purchased vehicle.

Transfer Vehicle from Name of Deceased Member of Immediate Family

When transferring a vehicle out of a deceased family member’s name, fill out the Application for Registration and Title form. The deceased’s estate is the seller, and you are the purchaser on this form.

This transaction is exempt from sales tax so long as the vehicle was registered in the deceased’s name for at least 60 days.

Request to Renew or Obtain Duplicate Driver’s License or ID Card By Mail Due to Medical Condition

If you would like to renew or obtain a duplicate driver’s license ID card, you can fill out form CI-1 here.

Copy Records Request Form (Driver’s Records)

To request your driver’s records, fill out the Copy Records Request Form (PDF) and check the box that states “Driving History.” Sign the application after filling out section one, and then complete the “applicant” section. Include your phone number in case of any questions, and then send this form back to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You should include payment by check for $20 payable to DMV as well as a photocopy of your photo ID. Send this to:
Department of Motor Vehicles 60 State Street Wethersfield, CT 06109 Attention: Copy Records

Disabled Parking Placard – Temporary and Permanent

For a temporary disabled parking placard, fill out form B225T. For a permanent placard, use form B225P.

Application for One Year or Two Year Refund on Registration

The Application for One Year or Two Year Refund on Registration is available for download here as form F82.

Eye Care Professional’s Medical Report

Those who need to return an eye care professional medical report should fill out form P142OP. This form helps meet the DMV’s vision standards, so drivers who have been questioned can prove that they can drive safely (or alternatively, that they are unable to drive due to their vision).

Request for a Duplicate Motor Vehicle Registration

If you have lost your motor vehicle registration, it is possible to get a duplicate from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Use form B341 to seek a copy of your registration.

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Jun 14, 2022