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Connecticut Selling a Vehicle

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If you would like to sell your vehicle in Connecticut, you have to follow specific guidelines to do so legally. There are some minor costs involved if you would like a duplicate title, and there are steps you should take to cancel your registration as well.

Selling a Vehicle in Connecticut

If you are selling your vehicle in Connecticut, it’s important to follow the rules to do so by the book. When selling, allow your buyer to pay privately for a pre-purchase vehicle inspection. As long as this comes back clear, you’re good to continue with the sale.

There is information that you will need to gather to sell the vehicle, such as your odometer reading, detailed maintenance records, and the title to the vehicle.

How to Sign Over the Title to the Buyer

To transfer the title to the buyer, you, as the seller, need to complete and sign the back of the Certificate of Title. Sign this where it says “Signature of Seller(s).” Next to this, there is another box that states “Printed Name(s) of Seller(s).” This should also be signed in printed letters.

It’s important to give this Certificate of Title to the buyer with a new Bill of Sale (form H-31). There is no special form needed for the Bill of Sale, so if you want, you can draw up your own. On the Bill of Sale, list the name and address of the person buying the vehicle. Also include a description of the vehicle that you’re selling as well as the date of the sale, sales price, and seller’s signature.

Replacing a Lost Title

It’s easy to lose paperwork. If you’ve lost your vehicle’s title, you can replace it as long as it is 19 years old or newer. To apply, you should file form H-6B, Application for Replacement Certificate of Title. Complete sections 1 and 3, Legal Representative, Lienholder, and Signature of Owner(s).

 If your title has a lien, you need to get a release letter to submit with the form. If you don’t have a lien release yet, then a new title will not be processed.

 You can replace your lost title in person or by mail. All DMV offices other than the Putnam Office can process your replacement title.

If you would like to request a replacement title by mail, enclose a check payable to the DMV for $25. Send the H-6B form, lien release letter, and check to:

State of Connecticut:

Department of Motor VehiclesAttn: Specialized Registry Services
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161

Transferring License Plates

After you sell a vehicle, you should remove the license plates from the vehicle and cancel the vehicle’s registration through the DMV. Don’t cancel your liability insurance until the registration is cancelled with the DMV. You may return your license plates or keep them to transfer them to a new vehicle.

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Dec 24, 2022