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Connecticut Traffic Tickets

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How Traffic Tickets Could Suspend Driving Privileges

Just like other states in the country, Connecticut uses a demerit system to keep drivers responsible. Any time a driver commits a traffic violation, points are added to their license. These points range from 1 for speeding to 4 for going around a stopped school bus, for example.

Any time someone accrues six points, they will receive a warning from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Then, if they continue to accrue points and reach 10, their license will be suspended.

How Drivers Get Points Against Them

Drivers get points against them when they make errors or violate traffic laws. Drivers face different amounts of points based on the specific offense. Speeding just above the limit, for example, may lead to a single point on the license, but running a stop sign or red light may add more. As soon as a driver is convicted for the violation, the points are added to their license. They do have the option of seeking legal help and defending themselves at the traffic court hearing.

Some points to be aware of include:

  • Speeding (1)
  • Using a cell phone (1)
  • Wrong lane turns (2)
  • Improper passing (3)
  • Negligent homicide (5)

How Long Do Points Remain on Your Record?

Every point that you get stays on your driving record for 24 months from the date they are assessed. If you want to remove some points, it may be possible by completing an operator retraining program, which helps minimize the length of a license suspension.

What Happens When You Get Too Many Points?

Drivers who continue to violate the law will need to attend operator retraining programs approved by the state. Not all drivers are required to complete these programs, but some will be. These people include:

  • Drivers who are 25 or older with three or more moving violations
  • Drivers 24 or younger who have two or more moving violations
  • Drivers convicted of speeding over 75 mph in a work zone
  • Drivers who are convicted of violations of the Connecticut General Statute Section 14-224(c).

You will receive a notice from the DMV of the intention to suspend your license and information about the steps to take next to have your license reinstated after completing an operator retraining program.

Where to Pay Your Traffic Fines

If you want to pay your fines, you can go to a few different websites. For your infraction ticket, visit the Superior Court website. To resolve a license suspension from an unpaid traffic ticket, pay the fee online before the suspension date passes. Then, reschedule your court date. If you have to have the case reopened after the suspension, it will cost $175, which you can pay online to the DMV. Any questions or correspondence should go to:

State of Connecticut

Department of Motor VehiclesDriver Services Division
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161
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Dec 28, 2022