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Application for Change of Address

Delaware drivers or citizens with ID cards must change their address with DMV within 30 days of moving. They do this using the DMV Change of Address Form.

Personal Information Release Form

When someone requests your driving record or information about your vehicle, they must have your written and notarized permission. They also must fill out a Personal Information Release Form.

Medical Report Findings

When you apply for a driver’s license or to renew a driver’s license in Delaware, you must certify that you are free from any medical condition that might prohibit you from operating a motor vehicle safely. In some cases, DMV will require that a physician certify this as well; for example, if the person’s relatives have suggested the person is no longer competent to drive. In that case, the driver must sign and take form MV346 to their physician for completion.

Authorization to Check Criminal History

Those seeking to obtain a taxi driver’s license in Delaware must undergo a criminal background check to receive that license. The applicant uses a Criminal History Check Authorization Form to allow this check to be performed.

Application for Title

A vehicle title is an important part of the process of buying or selling a vehicle in all states, including Delaware. Sellers must provide buyers with a properly signed title that indicates the odometer reading and date of sale. They also must inform the DMV. Then the buyer fills out an Application for Title, Form 212.

Application to Report Sale of Vehicle

When you sell a vehicle in Delaware, you must inform the DMV. While DMV prefers that you go with the buyer to a DMV office and fill out all paperwork, you also can inform them by filling out a vehicle transfer notification form.

Application for Duplicate of Title

Losing your vehicle’s title can prove extremely stressful, but you can get a duplicate title. You fill out the application and take it in-person to a DMV office or mail it in. If you are mailing it, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope and allow extra time. If the vehicle has a lienholder, the lienholder must complete one of the sections on the application before DMV will process it.

Application To Correct A Title

If your vehicle title has a mistake in it or is defaced, you need to apply for a corrected title using Form MV-213.

Application For Special Handicapped License Plate

Those who qualify for handicapped license plates or placards may apply for them using the Application for Special License Plate or Special Parking ID Placard for Persons With Disabilities. If the person applying is younger than 85, a physician must complete a section of the form at the bottom. Those 85 and older automatically qualify for the special plates if they apply and show proof of age.

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Jul 5, 2023