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While you can complete some driver’s license services online, you’ll have to go in person for some services. You can find your local Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles here.

Getting a license for the first time

First time getting your driver’s license? Here’s everything you need to know.

Age 16

Delaware has a graduated license for teens between ages 16 under 18, or young adults between 16 and 22 if involved in special education. Level 1 of the program is a learner’s permit. To qualify, applicants must bring proof of driver’s education from an approved course, an adult sponsor, and proper identification.

If the applicant’s sponsor is a Delaware-licensed driver who lives with the teen, then the teen is only required to present documents proving name, legal residence, and Social Security number. Otherwise, the teen also must provide two documents proving their legal residence. Documents presented must come from the Required Documents list. The applicant must also pass an eye test.

The sponsor must sign the learner’s permit application and is responsible, along with the permit holder, for any damages that may occur through the teen’s negligence. They can determine which licensed adult drivers may ride in the car along with the teen and may withdraw their consent at any time until the teen reaches 18. If they withdraw their consent, the teen loses driving privileges.

During the first six months of the learner’s permit, the teen may drive only with the adult supervisor in the front seat with them and may have only one other passenger. After six months and 50 hours of driving time (10 must be at night), the teen may drive unsupervised between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. but may not have anyone else in the car with them except the adult supervisor and immediate family members if the adult supervisor is in the car.

After a successful one year of driving with the learner’s permit, the teen will automatically receive a regular Class D driver’s license as long as the sponsor has not withdrawn consent. Alternatively, they can obtain a license at 18 by passing an eye and road test.

Age 18+
  • The details: Adults obtain a learner’s permit first. They may obtain a regular Class D driver’s license upon taking a road test. They can take the road test within 10 days to six months after obtaining the learner’s permit.
  • What to bring: Pack up your ID document, proof of address, and $40 fee.
  • What you’ll need to do: When you arrive at the DMV, you’ll submit your application, take a vision test and knowledge test.
  • What comes next: If you pass the road test, you’ll receive your license. If you are unable to pass the road test within the six-month period, you may extend your learner’s permit for another six months for $5.

Renewing your license

You can renew your license online or in person. You’ll need to pass an eye test and, in some cases, retake a knowledge or road test. You may also be asked to show your Social Security card. The fee is $40.

Moving to Delaware from out-of-state

If you are moving to Delaware from another state and have a valid driver’s license from that state, you will only need to turn in your old license and take an eye exam, in most cases. You will need to go in person to the DMV office. You have 60 days from the date of your move to obtain your Delaware license.

Do you need a Real ID?

Do you have to get a Real ID? Nope. Will you want one? Probably.

Starting October 1, 2021, your standard driver’s license will no longer be accepted as proof of identification at airports. You’ll need a passport or a Real ID instead. You’ll need extra documentation to obtain a Real ID or compliant driver’s license. You can find out what documents you’ll need to bring by using DMV’s document selector guide.

Replace a lost or stolen license

If you’ve lost your license, you may apply for a duplicate. You’ll need to bring along the required documents. If you are under 18 and replacing a graduated license, your sponsor must be with you to authorize the duplicate. The fee is $20.

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