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The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (HSMV) department handles the road-going licensing of people and vehicles in the Sunshine State. When you need to renew your driver’s license, obtain a vehicle title, register a vehicle or other tasks, HSMV service centers provide three general types of services:

  • Driver’s licensing services, including renewals, skills examinations and adding vehicle and driving endorsements.
  • Motor vehicle services, including titling, registration and permitting for vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, vessels, mobile homes and other commonly registered items.
  • Dual service centers, which provide the full range of driver’s licensing and motor vehicle services for Florida residents.

Florida has 67 counties, each of which has at least one service center plus vendors who are authorized by the HSMV to provide specialty services, like road tests, smog tests and commonly needed services.

Licensing Centers

Every Florida county has a respective HSMV service center, many of which require appointments to obtain service. The appointments help to streamline the process and prevent long waits and backups. The faster you can get in and out, the easier it is for you to fit a trip to the HSMV into your already busy day. The licensing centers can process all driver’s license requests, including those for teen drivers and CDL drivers who are getting their respective licenses for the first time.

Vehicle Centers

HSMV motor vehicle centers provide all the vehicle titles, registrations, specialty tags and other state-required items to legally own and operate them on public roads and waterways. The fully dedicated motor vehicle centers do not provide licensing or similar driver’s licensing services. Those only are offered at HSMV driver license centers and dual service centers throughout Florida.

Road-Testing Locations

The Florida HSMV does not provide road-testing services for teen drivers and others looking to obtain their first driver’s license, a CDL or similar specialty license. Instead, several state-approved vendors provide those services and usually in a focused format, such as truck-driver training schools that enable graduates to obtain over-the-road licenses as commercial truck drivers.

Many third-party road-testing vendors operate in multiple counties, and most counties have multiple options for the road-testing services. A fee typically applies, and it helps to shop to ensure you can get a good price on required road-testing.

Inspection Locations

Many traditional vehicles, motorcycles and others that require annual licensing must undergo inspections to ensure they comply with state safety and environmental protection laws. An array of third-party vendors are authorized to provide vehicle inspections and submit certificates to the state to affirm your vehicle is in full compliance for continued registration and licensing.

The inspection centers ensure your state-registered vehicle, boat, motorcycle, RV, mobile home or other registered “vehicle” abide state laws. A thorough inspection by authorized and certified staff ensures all safety features work as required and the vehicle or other item is in reasonably good and safe condition for use on public roads, waterways or others.

Regional Service Centers

Various third-party vendors who have state-approved personnel.


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