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Florida Drivers Education

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The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) requires new drivers to complete educational and training in order to qualify for a Florida driver’s license. It is called the Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) Driver’s Ed Course.

Many experienced drivers commit moving violations that wind up costing them their FL driving privileges, which special educational programs can help to restore.

Continue reading this page for a closer look at the required Florida driver’s educational programs. The programs can help you improve driving skills and enhance safety on Florida public roads and highways.

Testing and Preparing to Drive in FL

Whether you are a teen or an adult looking to get licensed to drive for the first time in Florida, the FL DMV requires you to complete educational requirements. These educational programs ensure you learn how to safely and legally drive a motor vehicle on Florida’s highways.

All motorists must successfully pass the following tests to obtain and maintain ongoing Florida driving privileges:

  • Vision testing, which affirms you can distinguish the colors on traffic lights, read traffic signs and see well enough to drive safely.
  • Knowledge testing, which affirms you know the traffic laws and general knowledge of safe driving habits. You can take an online DMV Practice Test to practice as well!
  • Road test, which affirms you safely can operate a vehicle on public roads under normal driving conditions.

Successful completion affirms you learned the intended lessons that state officials determined are most needed to drive safely and reasonably without breaking traffic laws.

Payment of the required fees usually results in full driving privileges when you pass the required tests at your respective FL county DHSMV service center.

Graduated Driver License

The FL DHSMV’s Bureau of Motorist Compliance oversees several educational programs for motorists convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) violations. Non-profit organizations conduct state-approved DUI educational programs taught by instructors that the state certifies to teach the respective classes.

Two types of DUI programs exist for Florida offenders. A Level I course provides at least 12 hours of interactive and informative classroom instruction. It mostly is for first-time offenders.

A Level II course provides at least 21 hours of classroom instruction using a mostly interactive group format. The course is intended for repeat offenders and limits class sizes to no more than 15. That helps to ensure participants cannot simply show up and put in time without actually learning the intended lessons.

Florida Mature Driver Improvement Course

In Florida, there are mature driver improvement courses available for drivers 50 years old or older). The insurance discount lasts for 3 years and you can renew again after that period.

Remedial Driver Programs

Some FL traffic violations can trigger temporary restrictions on driving privileges. Reckless driving and continual scofflaw traffic violations could lead to a partial or full loss of driving privileges. A program for probationary drivers ensures completion of any requisite classroom instruction similar to those provided to DUI offenders to restore their driving privileges.

Defensive Driving Courses

Third-party vendors also teach defensive driving courses that help to teach the types of driving skills that Florida drivers most need to drive safely and make it to and from their intended destinations. FL defensive driving courses can help to improve your insurance rates when included among your relevant educational accomplishments on your Florida driving record.

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