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Florida Driving Record

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How to get a Florida Driving Record

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) maintains separate 3-year, 7-year and complete Florida driving records going back about 11 years on every driver in the state. The state records show the dates of licensing issuance, exams passed by respective drivers and any completed driver education courses. A complete driver record report also includes information on:

  • Traffic violations.
  • Accidents and whether any traffic violations were issued.
  • All open or closed license suspensions, revocations, cancellations or disqualifications of driving privileges.
  • Failure-to-comply suspensions, which remain on driving records for up to a year after drivers clear the issues triggering respective suspensions.

Those DHSMV records are public information and subject to Freedom of Information Act requests and well as records requests by the respective motorists, auto insurers, prospective employers and others doing background checks and other commonly done reviews of driving records.

Application Process

You can apply for a Florida driving record through the respective DHSMV county services offices or online through a third-party vendor. Any vendors must obtain authorization from the Florida DSHMV to provide the third-party vendor services and charge a fee to provide driver’s and others with officials copies of state driving records.

Supporting Documents

No matter how you go about ordering a driver’s record report, you will need to provide your full name, date of birth and Social Security number as well as the Florida driver license number for which you want the relevant report. If the report is for someone other than yourself, you will need to provide your driver’s license number, too, plus the address where you need the report mailed after you pay the requisite fee.

Three Ways to Get Your Driver Record

You can submit an application to obtain a Florida driving record report at any respective DHSMV county services centers throughout Florida. That is the fastest way to obtain a complete copy, which might be available before you leave the service center. Shorter driver record reports are available online via state services.

You also could request the record to be mailed to your current address as listed on your driver’s license or at your authorized business location when making requests to obtain various driver histories.



Costs and How to Pay

The Florida DHSMV charges $8 to a 3-year driving record and $10 for the 7-year or complete record dating back about 11 years. Payments typically are made using either a personal check, credit card or debit card, or with a money order or cashier’s check. Cash is discouraged to avoid money-handling issues and potential thefts of funds from offices or other locations. A third-party vendor that provides online services typically require a valid credit or debit card and often charge between about $15 and $20 to process valid requests for Florida driving records.

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Dec 28, 2022