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Georgia Address Change

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What Are the Basics?

Whether you are a current resident of Georgia or planning to move there, any change in your official residence needs to show on your driver’s license. If you are new to the state, you have up to 30 days to surrender your former ID and obtain a Georgia license or ID at a local DDS office. Current residents have up to 60 days to formally change their residence on their driver’s licenses and ID cards.

How Do I Change My Address if I Am Moving Within Georgia?

You can change your address when you move within the state by visiting any DDS services center, going to the DDS website or using the mobile app. You also could mail in your address change by mail. Georgia residents are allowed one free change of their name or address during the initial 8-year period for which they obtain their first driver’s license. You will need proof of your new residence, such as a pay stub, utility bill, lease agreement or mortgage contract to affirm your new legal residence.

How Do I Change My Address if I Am Moving to Georgia from Another State?

You can submit an online request to change your address when moving to Georgia with an online or mobile application. You will need to provide proof of the legal residence, which could include a lease agreement, mortgage contract or utilities services. You also could mail in change of address notice, but most people wait until they relocate and visit a local DDS office.

All new residents have a month to legally change their legal residences and obtain a Georgia driver’s license. Failure to do so could trigger a fine if you are pulled over and do not have your address updated on the driver’s license. The violation is not a severe one, and neither is the penalty.

How Do I Change My Address if I Am Moving from Georgia?

If you are moving from Georgia to another state, you have to surrender your Georgia driver’s license before you can get a new one in your new state. That state’s respective Secretary of State or other driver services agency should have offices in every county or parish that can take care of your needs. Whenever obtaining a license in a new state of residence, you will have to handle the matter in person at a state office that handles licensing and residency changes.

Where Do I Call with Questions?

The Georgia DDS Contact Center in Conyers has three phone numbers listed as “primary” for customers seeking answers. Calling any of the three phone numbers should enable you to get the answers that you need.

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Aug 16, 2022