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The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) provides a wide range of services in person, online and via mobile apps. Some services, like vehicle testing and many licensing services, must be done at a DDS office. You can perform a quick online search and learn where the nearest DDS service center is to you. The following will help you to better know which services you might need and where to get them.

Licensing Centers

The Georgia DDS operates licensing centers in every county. Several counties and cities, like Atlanta, have multiple locations within city limits and in nearby communities to enable the fastest and most efficient licensing services. You also can obtain licensing services online and via mobile apps so that you can skip the trip to the DDS services centers and save time as well as money.

Vehicle Centers

You can obtain vehicle licensing and registration services at any local DDS office. Registration renewals are available online and via mobile apps as well as at remote kiosks in locations throughout Georgia. If you need immediate services, like a registration renewal, you can find a DDS kiosk by using the online search function to find offices and self-service DDS kiosks.

Road Testing Locations

The Georgia DDS provides road testing for those who want to obtain their initial driver’s licenses or who want to add endorsements for motorcycles or a commercial driver’s license (CDL). You must schedule appointments for DDS road skills testing skills for automobile, motorcycle and CDL road licensing services. You will have to search the DDS road testing locations database to find the road testing location that is nearest to you and then schedule an appointment for your road test.

Inspection Locations

Georgia requires all registered vehicles other than motorcycles to undergo annual emissions testing prior to renewing vehicle registrations. The emissions testing is to ensure your vehicle does not cause local pollution, including smog, that can have serious health effects on a wide range of people. Third-party vehicle inspections centers can provide the emissions testing and ensure your car, truck, SUV or van is in good running shape with a suitable exhaust and does not burn oil or emit excessive exhaust.

Unless your vehicle is a 2019 or newer or a classic vehicle that is 25 or more model years old, it must undergo and pass annual emissions testing. The model year refers to the year a specific vehicle was marketed by the manufacturer and not its actual date of manufacture. So a 2019 model year that was built in late 2018 would be exempt from emissions testing for another year. You can find a local third party emissions test center located near you and pay a fee to obtain the emissions testing services.

Regional Service Centers

The same local DDS offices that provide licensing and other in-person services also are regional service centers for virtually any licensing or vehicular titling or registration issue. You can use the same search tools for licensing centers above to find the Georgia DDS regional service centers that are nearest to you.

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