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Georgia Drivers Education

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Georgia requires all motorists to have a valid driver’s license before operating vehicles on public roads. The state has separate licensing requirements for teens and adults. GA driver’s education can help to improve road-going safety and ensure new drivers have the knowledge and skills to become safe adult drivers.

GA Joshua’s Law for 16 Year Olds and 17 Year Olds

In Georgia, Joshua’s Law requires teenager 16 years old and 17 years old to fulfill specific Drivers Education requirements to get a driver’s license. As part of those requirements, you can take an approved driver education course. GA teenager drivers must complete the course with a certified private or public driver training school. When you are 15 years old, you may take a written test to receive your learner’s permit. You can take a DMV Practice Test to study.

Please remember, all teenagers must carry a Georgia learner’s permit for at least 1 year and 1 day before he or she can apply for a Class D license. Notably, a GA learner’s permit is a prerequisite for behind-the-wheel training.

Drivers Ed Requirements in Georgia

There are various methods for Driver Ed in Georgia based on age:

16 Years Old

Class D Driver License or Motorcycle Permits (Class MP)

Method 1

Method 2

Method 3

Method 4

17 years old on or after July 1, 2021
Georgia Class D Driver License or Motorcycle Permit (Class MP)

  • Same requirements as 16 years old.

17 years old and enlisted in the military?

  • You may apply for a Class C License and you are exempt from holding a permit for 1 year and 1 day.

Testing and Preparing to Drive

Whether you are an adult looking to obtain your first driver’s license in Georgia or a teen entering the graduated licensing program, you will need to successfully complete three tests to earn your driving privileges. The first is a vision test that affirms you can see the road safely and see and abide traffic signals and other controls. The second test is a knowledge test that ensures you know the rules and laws of driving in Georgia. And the final test is a road test that shows you can safely operate a vehicle on public roads.

Graduated Driver’s License

Georgia uses a graduated driver’s licensing system for teens that helps them to learn how to become safe and effective adult drivers. The first step is to obtain a learner’s permit, which a teen can do when as young as 15. A GA learner’s permit enables a teen driver to operate a vehicle while seated with a licensed adult driver over age 21. The licensed adult driver must be seated next to the teen driver.

The next step in the Georgia graduated licensing program is the Class D license, which is a restricted license. A Class D license enables teens and other new drivers to operate vehicles under restricted circumstances. They only can drive until midnight and have to stay off of the road until 5 a.m. They can carry only family members during the first 6 months of restricted driving privileges and no more than one passenger outside of the family during the second 6 months.

After a teen driver reaches 18 years old and upon completion of learning requirements during the restricted licensing phase, the now-adult driver can graduate to full Class C driver’s license status. A Georgia Class C license has no restrictions on driving or passenger numbers and fully affirms the teen driver has completed the graduated licensing program.

GA Remedial Driver Programs

If you obtain too many tickets and are facing a restricted or suspended driver’s license in Georgia, a GA driver improvement course could help.

The Georgia DMV runs a licensing point system that removes points for moving violations upon successful completion of remedial driver training courses. The state-certified training programs emphasize safe and smart driving and can help troublesome motorists to correct their poor driving behaviors that could trigger accidents and injuries.

Defensive Driving Courses

While not required to obtain or maintain driving privileges in Georgia, several defensive driving programs can help to make you a better and safer driver. Defensive driving programs are not the same thing as driver education programs, but they do help to improve driving skill and safety. A driver education program is one that you take to remove points from your driver’s license due to prior moving violations. A defensive driving course is the kind of program that can help you to not obtain points against your license.

In Georgia, you may also be eligible to take an approved driver improvement course as ordered by the courts or simply to get an insurance discount. You may need to check in with the court in the county where you received your GA traffic ticket, and your insurance company to determine eligibility.

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Mar 2, 2023