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Georgia Driving Record

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The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) maintains driving records on all motorists who are licensed to operate motor vehicles in the state. that includes license for passenger cars, motorcycles and commercial drivers licenses (CDL). The records, including the CDL records, trace up to seven years of any moving violations, suspensions or revocations, and reinstatement of driving privileges, if any have occurred.

How to Obtain Your Georgia Driving Record

Any individual can obtain his or her personal Georgia Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), which provides the driver history reports for respective individuals. You can obtain a copy of your personal MVR report at a DDS services office, by mail, online or by using a mobile app. You must pay a fee to obtain the MVR report.

Applying to Get the Driving Record

You will have to provide your Georgia driver’s license number and submit the required paperwork to request an MVR report by mail. The online and mobile app have fields that you can fill out to provide the required information to ensure that you obtain the correct report. You can complete the paper form DDS-18 at a local Georgia DDS office, too, and leave with your MVR report in hand.

Required Documentation

You will have to provide a photo ID to show who you are when submitting a DDS-18 form to get an MVR report while at a DDS office. In addition to completing the required forms and paying related fees, you must get the signature of the other party if you want an MVR report on someone other than yourself. Although these reports are public records, they contain private information that could compromise some people’s safety.


Fees for Getting Your Driving Record and Payment Methods

If you just want to view the last two years of your driving record, you can do that online and free of charge. It costs $6 for a 3-year driving record and $8 for a 7-year or lifetime MVR report. the Georgia DDS also provides certified and non-certified notations on driver history reports. You can view those online, too.

You cannot pay the fees with cash. Instead, the DDS accepts money orders, cashiers checks and personal checks at DDS locations and debit cards and credit cards when seeking reports online, via mobile apps or by mail.

Types of Driver Records

The Georgia DDS Contact Center in Conyers has three phone numbers listed as “primary” for customers seeking answers. Calling any of the three phone numbers should enable you to get the answers that you need.

The Georgia DDS maintains three types of MVR reports that provide the respective amount of data on moving violations, license renewals, suspensions and other activities affecting your personal driving record while in Georgia. You need to indicate which report you want when you are submitting the DDS-18 form. Those MVR reports and their respective fees are:

  • 3-year, which costs $6.
  • 7-year, which costs $8
  • Lifetime, which costs $8

Some organizations request many MVR reports on individuals for a variety of legitimate reasons. Bulk MVR reports also are available for large-volume clients.

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