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Universal Title Application

When you buy a new vehicle, motorcycle, boat, camper, trailer or other titled property in Georgia, you must complete and submit a Form MV-1 title application through your local County Tag Office.

Affidavit of Surviving Spouse

When the surviving spouse needs to transfer ownership of property to his or her name, the Georgia Department of Revenue provides a Form T-20 affidavit of surviving spouse. A certified copy of a death certificate must accompany the form. Once submitted, the surviving spouse can title vehicles and other property in his or her name.

Renew/Replace DL – Out of State for an Extended Period

When you are out of Georgia for an extended period and need to renew or replace your driver’s license, you can do that via a mail-in renewal. Georgia allows renewals up to 150 days prior to the license expiration date and generally mails the new or replacement license within 30 days.

Title and Register a Vehicle while Temporarily Located Out of State

If you buy a vehicle while out of state and want to title and register it, the Georgia Department of Taxation enables you to do that through your respective County Tag Office. You will need to complete and sign an MV-1 Title/Tag Application, and they will be sent to the listed address for the new title and registration.

Driver History Abstract Form

You can obtain a driver history report by submitting a Motor Vehicle Request Form DDS-18 via mail, online or the Georgia DDS mobile app.

Wheelchair Plate/Placard Application

Your respective County Tag Office can process a Form MV-9D request for a wheelchair plate/placard that enables parking in designated parking spots.

Wheelchair Plate/Placard Requirements

You must qualify for a wheelchair plate/placard before the state will issue a permit and plate for your vehicle. In order to qualify, you must have your doctor, optometrist or chiropractor sign the Form MV-9D in order to affirm the disability is legitimate and qualifies for the plate/placard.

Refund Application

If you sold a titled and registered vehicle, you might be owed a refund. You can find out by submitting a Request for Refund form at your local DDS services center.

Physician Certification for Blind or Disabled Person, Non-Driver ID Application

A non-driver can obtain a state-issued ID card for persons with permanent disabilities from the DDS by having a medical doctor sign a Certificate of Eligibility Form DDS-29.

Vehicle Registration Application

A Form MV-1 Title/Tag Application and fee will enable you to obtain a vehicle registration in Georgia. You can submit the form online, via a mobile app or by mail – even while located out of state. You also can submit the form in person at a County Tag Office and obtain the registration immediately.
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