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Georgia Traffic Tickets

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Georgia Traffic Violations Overview


Like all states, Georgia has laws governing safe driving practices on public roads. Violations can be costly and lead to a loss of driving privileges. While driving is not a right, it is necessary for many people to get to work, obtain food and generally enjoy themselves while living in the great state of Georgia. Various moving violations can trigger penalties ranging from modest fines to a permanent loss of driving privileges for repeat offenders.

Georgia Points System

Georgia employs a driver points system that reflect convictions for driving violations. Points range from 2 points for exceeding the speed limit by a relatively small margin or other minor traffic violations for 6 points for more serious offenses, like aggressive driving or a DUI conviction. Any driver who accrues at least 15 points in any 24-month period will suffer a suspension of driving privileges.

Some minor moving violations do not impose points. like exceeding the posted speed limit by less than 14 mph. Moving violations that do not trigger points serve as more of a reminder to be careful and mindful while driving.

How Long Points Last

Georgia’s points system includes a points reduction element that reduces the accrued points when drivers do not suffer further convictions for moving violations. The state will reduce up to seven points every five years with no further moving violations posted. Offenders also can remove points by successfully completing driver improvement courses. The courses must be taught by state-approved entities, and any request for points reduction must include certification of course completion.

You can obtain a list of certified driver improvement schools from the Georgia DDS website and learn about the fees and schedule involved. Successful completion does not automatically result in points reduction. You will have to submit the proof of successful completion either in person or via mail and pay any related fees, if any.

License Suspension and Reinstatement

If your Georgia license is suspended, the DDS will notify you by mail. You also can check your licensing status online if you suspect you might have triggered a suspension due to points accumulation or a recent moving violation that added a lot of points from one incident. You can reinstate your driving privileges by paying fines and fees, completing a driver education course or waiting for points reduction.

Paying Fines

Any initial moving violations that motorists might commit come with fines that are paid through the local court jurisdictions. The Georgia DDS does not get involved until the points or violations reach the level of triggering a license suspension. When you have a suspended Georgia driver’s license, you cannot drive anywhere – unless it is restricted for work and emergencies only.

License reinstatement will require payment of fees to the DDS, which you can do in person, online, over a mobile app or via mail. The DDS never accepts cash, so any fees must be paid with a personal check, money order, cashiers check, debit card or a credit card.

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