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Hawaii Selling a Vehicle

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Selling a vehicle in Hawaii is a little different than in other places since there are so many islands and DMVs to go to. If you will be selling in Honolulu, you will need to take different steps than if you were selling in Maui. There are also different fees that you should pay, and there are different options for you if you have lost your title, had it stolen, or had it ruined in some other way.

How to Sign Over the Title to the Buyer

Hawaii requires you to have a Certificate of Title to transfer ownership of your vehicle. You will need to transfer the title by filling in your name in the “seller signature” sections of the title. Section “A” of the title should be complete in front of a Notary Public if possible. You also need to have the lienholder, if there is one, complete Section B.

Fill in the odometer reading and fill it in on the certificate of title. Then, give the new owner that certificate of title after receiving payment. You should also provide them with the certificate of registration and safety inspection.

After this, mail a notice of transfer form with the local DMV office where the vehicle was last registered.

Replacing a Lost Title

There are different steps needed to replace a lost title depending on where you live in Hawaii. If you live in Hawaii County, then you can fill out the Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title and pay $5 to get a duplicate.

If you live in Honolulu, you will need to pay $10 for your replacement title and to mail the Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title to the address listed on the form.

In Maui, you also have to complete an application for a duplicate title. This title application has to be taken to the local DMV for completion and will cost you $20.

Finally, if you are in Kauai County, you will need to go to the local DMV to handle any necessary paperwork to get a duplicate title.

Transferring License Plates

You keep your license plates in Hawaii, since they stay with you instead of the vehicle. However, you may need to surrender those license plates if you will not be transferring them to a new vehicle. In that case, you should go to the local DMV.

When you get new license plates, you are able to transfer your old tags to the new plates. If you’d like a souvenir plate, make sure to speak with the DMV before you keep any of your vehicle plates for yourself.

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Mar 30, 2023