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Idaho Buying a Vehicle

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Getting a Title & Registration for a Vehicle Purchased From a Dealership

As in other states, getting a title and registration for a vehicle purchased from a dealership is much easier than getting a title and registration for a vehicle purchased from a private seller. If you purchase a vehicle from a dealership, they will take care of the title and registration paperwork. You should make sure that you get a receipt showing that the dealership has completed and submitted the paperwork. They will issue you a temporary license plate, and your vehicle’s permanent plate should come in the mail, likely in two to three weeks. Keep in mind that you will still have to pay the relevant fees for titling and registering your vehicle, even if you get your car at a dealership. You will simply have to pay these fees to the dealership, not to the DMV.

Getting a Title & Registration for a Vehicle Purchased From a Private Seller

If you purchase your vehicle from a private seller, you will have to take care of the title and registration yourself. It is vital that you get a completed bill of sale and title from the seller at the time of the sale. It actually may be best to complete the sale in a county assessor or Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) office to ensure that you have the paperwork you need. The bill of sale must be signed by both parties and the title must also be signed by both parties. In addition to the title and bill of sale, you must also submit an application for Idaho title and registration.

Completing the Paperwork

When signing over the title, the seller must do more than simply sign their name. They must also write down the details of the sale. Most of this information will also be on the bill of sale. The details include the date of the sale, the full name of the purchaser, the amount paid for the vehicle, the current mileage, and whether the vehicle has any liens on it. If you are purchasing a vehicle, make sure that the vehicle does not have any lienholders. If it does, the seller may be selling the vehicle in violation of the terms of their financing.

Registering the Vehicle

The title will be required when registering the vehicle. You will also need to provide both proof of Idaho residency and proof of identification. Acceptable proofs of Idaho residency include a mortgage or lease agreement, official government mail sent to your Idaho address, and an Idaho drivers license. Acceptable proof of identification (in addition to your drivers license) includes passports, birth certificates, and Social Security cards.

Paying the Applicable Fees

The title and registration fees in Idaho are relatively low. The fee to title a vehicle in Idaho is $14. The registration fees vary based on the age and type of vehicle. The current fees are $69 for a vehicle that is one to two years old, $57 for a three to six-year old vehicle, and $45 for vehicles that are seven or more years old. Electric vehicles cost an extra $140 to register, while plug-in hybrid vehicles cost an extra $75.
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