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Idaho Criminal Record

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In Idaho, the Idaho State Police maintain a criminal history database. This database contains information about crimes allegedly committed in the state. These criminal records are often checked by employers as part of the hiring process, or accessed by law enforcement. A private party must have either someone’s authorization or a valid legal reason to access their criminal record, but people can request their own records quite easily. Read on to learn more about criminal records in Idaho.

What are Criminal Records?

Criminal records are much more than just a history of the crimes someone has been convicted of. Criminal records also list all arrests, charges that were dropped, and charges that people were acquitted of. It is important to note that these records include information about misdemeanor and felony charges. Infractions like speeding tickets will not be listed. Criminal records will also list various pieces of personal information, such as someone’s full legal name, any aliases they have used, their current address and address history, a picture, their fingerprints, and their date of birth. It is important that criminal records in Idaho and other states include such extensive personal information to prevent mix-ups.

How are Idaho Criminal Records Used?

Criminal records in Idaho can be used for a wide variety of different things. Perhaps the most common type of request is an employer background check. The number of employer background checks is rising in Idaho and in states throughout the country. Various government agencies will also take a look at someone’s criminal record when they process an application for many kinds of licenses. Of course, law enforcement officers will check criminal records for a variety of reasons, such as researching potential suspects. The Idaho criminal record database is the basis of the state’s sex offender registry. Last but certainly not least, Idaho uses its criminal record database to clear missing persons reports.


Can Someone Access Your Idaho Criminal Record?

In many states, private parties need to get permission from the record holder to access their criminal record. However, this is not the case in Idaho. While private parties (such as prospective employers) need to have a valid legal reason for their request for a criminal record to be approved, they do not need the permission of the record holder. According to Idaho state law (Code 67-3008 (6): “A person or private agency, or public agency, other than the department, shall not disseminate criminal history record information obtained from the department to a person or agency that is not a criminal justice agency or a court without a signed release of the subject of record or unless otherwise provided by law.

Requesting an Idaho Criminal Record

An Idaho criminal record can be requested by simply submitting the required form and the fee. The fee is $20. Idaho accepts money orders and personal checks, though a personal check must have been issued by the requesting party.
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