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Idaho DMV Forms

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Affidavit of Inheritance (ITD 3414)

This form allows an heir to legally take possession of a vehicle after its original owner passes away.

Affidavit of Repossession (ITD 3366)

This document allows a lienholder to repossess a vehicle.

Application for Certificate of Idaho Title (ITD 3337)

You need to use this form whenever you apply for an Idaho title.

Bill of Sale (ITD 3738)

Idaho requires that all sellers submit this bill of sale.

Certification Of No EIN/SSN (ITD 3823)

If you don’t have an EIN or SSN, you can declare that on this form.

Change of Address: Online | Paper Form

When you are updating your address in person, you must submit this form.

Duplicate Idaho Title Application (ITD 3367)

If your original title is lost or damaged, you can get a duplicate title with this form.

Duplicate Idaho Title Application with Transfer of Ownership (ITD 3369)

If you have sold your vehicle but you do not have a copy of the paper title, you can submit this form to get a duplicate title and transfer ownership.

Satisfaction of Lien (ITD 3726)

This form allows you to get a lien removed from your vehicle’s title.

Vehicle Appraisal and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspection (ITD 3404)

This is the form used when your vehicle’s VIN is inspected at a DMV office.

Vehicle Identification Number Inspection Certification (ITD 3403)

This document certifies that your vehicle’s VIN has been inspected. 

Indemnifying Affidavit (ITD 3410)

This affidavit can be used for indemnification purposes after an accident.

Motorbike to Motorcycle Conversion Self Certification Affidavit

This form is for people who have converted a motorbike to a street-legal motorcycle.

One And The Same Statement (ITD 3125)

This statement can be used to correct an incorrect name on an official document.

Power of Attorney (ITD 3368)

This form allows someone to take control of an incapicated person’s motor vehicle-related affairs.

Release of Interest (ITD 3777)

This document allows a co-owner to relinquish their interest in a motor vehicle.

Release of Liability (ITD 3858)

This form releases someone of liability related to a motor vehicle they recently sold.

Salvage Vehicle Statement (ITD 3311)

This application allows someone to get a salvage title on a vehicle they own.

Salvage Certificate Application (ITD 3312)

This similar document is for a paper copy of the salvage title.

Salvage Transmittal For Insurance Company/Salvage Pool (ITD 3206)

This form allows insurance companies to register a pool of salvage vehicles.

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