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Idaho Drivers License

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Finding a County Assessor or Idaho Transportation Department (IDT) Office

Many drivers license services are available online in Idaho. However, drivers will still need to go into an office for other services. A searchable list of the drivers license offices in Idaho can be found here.

Obtaining a License for First-Time Drivers

Idaho requires that drivers under the age of 17 who do not have a drivers license complete a 6-month training period, during which they must drive under supervision from a licensed driver, who must be 21 or older. Drivers under the age of 17 must also complete a driver training course. Only after completing both the training period and the driver training course can an Idaho driver under the age of 17 apply for a full license.

Renewing a Drivers License

Idaho makes it very easy to renew a drivers license. As with many other states, Idaho offers drivers license renewal services online. Idaho has one of the most streamlined online drivers license renewal services, as its system only requires the following information:
  • Username and password for online portal
  • Social Security number
  • Full name (as listed on current Idaho drivers license)
  • Your birth date
The renewal fees in Idaho vary greatly depending on your age and how long your license is valid for. The list of renewal fees is as follows:
  • $15 for a one-year license, which is only available at ages 17 and 20
  • $25 for a three-year license, which is available for drivers up to the age of 21
  • $30 for a four-year license, which is only available to those 21 and over
  • $55 for an eight-year license, which is only available for ages 21 to 62

REAL IDs in Idaho

REAL IDs are known as Star IDs in Idaho. They are not required, but may be beneficial. In May 2023, regular drivers license will no longer be an acceptable form of identification at a TSA checkpoint. Star IDs, however, will be acceptable. The same holds true for military bases and courthouses.

Upgrading a Graduated License

As previously mentioned, drivers under the age of 17 who want to get a full license must show proof that they have successfully completed both their six-month training period and a driver instruction course. However, this is not all a young driver must do to get their full license. They must also complete both a skills test and a knowledge (written test). Only then can they leave behind their graduated licenses and get a license with full privileges.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen License

While losing your license is certainly an inconvenience, Idaho makes it convenient to get a new one. The same online portal that allows drivers to renew their licenses online also makes it easy for drivers to get a duplicate license online. You will need your username and password for the portal, your full name, your Social Security number, and your date of birth.
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