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Idaho Driving Record

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How to Get Your Idaho Driving Record

Idaho makes it very easy to get your driving record. You can easily request the record online on this website. Many states have an online portal that allows people to request driving records, but Idaho’s portal streamlines the process by only requiring the minimum amount of info. You must have an Idaho drivers license. If you are requesting someone else’s driving record, you must have their Idaho license information. It is free to view your driving record. This record only covers the last three years of your driving history. If you want a full Idaho driving record, you must submit this hard-copy form.

The Idaho Driving Record Application

The online Idaho driving record application is fairly straightforward. You will have to submit the reason you are requesting the record. Once you have selected the reason you need the record, you must submit the drivers license number and the DD number from your license. You will also have to submit your full name and date of birth. Finally, you will have to submit payment details if you want to purchase a printable version of the records. The paper form requires the same information.

Required Documents

You will not have to submit any documents if you are getting your record through the online system. If you are using the hard-copy form, you will only have to submit the form itself. You will not have to submit any supporting documents. This is because the IDT already has digital copies of your driver’s license.

Getting Your Idaho Driving Record: Fees & Payments

There are various fees associated with getting your Idaho driving record. As previously mentioned, it is free to view your record online. However, you must pay $9.50 if you want to access a printable version of your record. If you want to request a full driving record using the hard-copy form, you must pay $7 for a non-certified copy or $21 for a certified copy. The IDT accepts payment in the form of cash, check, debit/credit card, or money order. If you pay with a credit card, there will be a 3% fee. There is no additional fee for paying with a debit card.

Types of Idaho Driver Records

There are two main types of Idaho driver records: three-year histories and full histories. As previously mentioned, the online driver record system shows three years of history. The only exception to this is an online CDL records check from an employer, which will show a full history. Otherwise, you have to submit a hard-copy request to get a full driver history in Idaho. A hard-copy request is also the only way that you can get a copy of your driving history with the original issue date. This may come in handy if you need to prove that your driving record is clean as of a certain date.

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