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The Illinois Secretary of State (ISOS) has at least one Service Facility in every county and often times several. While it is possible to obtain many services online and skip making a trip to a local ISOS services facility, some things require you and at times your vehicle to show up and take care of matters. You can search the list of local ISOS service centers and get the services that you need,

Licensing Centers

Illinois has more than 8.5 million licensed drivers and offers full licensing services at all ISOS facilities. You can use the ISOS Facilities Services Locator to find the exact licensing service that you need to ensure you have fully valid driving privileges and the driver’s license to prove it.

The licensing center will take care of your requests for a first-time driver’s license, license renewals, and adding endorsements, like a motorcycle endorsement to legally operate a motorcycle on public roads. You also can obtain a CDL, a temporary visa-restricted license while in Illinois for international business purposes.

As of October 1, a REAL ID will be needed to fly on commercial airlines, enter military bases or federal courthouse, and do many other things that you likely take for granted now. An ISOS licensing center can handle REAL ID requests to ensure yours is ready for the big change in October.

Vehicle Centers

The ISOS provides motorists with vehicle registration and other services at all of its standard services facilities. Sometimes, motorists need additional vehicles services, like a vehicle inspection. If you own a vehicle that recently was totaled in an accident but has been restored, an ISOS inspection can give you a salvage title. You must go to an ISOS inspection center to obtain a salvage title that enables a formerly wrecked car to travel on public roads.

Road Testing Locations

The ISOS does not provide road-testing services. Instead, the ISOS Cooperative Driver Testing Program enables state-certified instructors to provide driver education and road testing. New drivers must complete at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and another 6 hours of training while behind the wheel of a car.

In order to qualify for an Illinois driver’s license, you must earn a combined grade of an A or a B for the classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training. The driving instructor will give new drivers a road test that is either pass or fail after successfully completing the classroom instruction and road training portions.

Inspection Locations

The ISOS operates several inspection locations for salvage titles and other vehicle services that require inspections. You can locate an ISOS Inspections site online and schedule an appointment for whichever inspections services you need and ISOS provides.

Regional Service Centers

The ISOS operates service centers in every county, but some have hours that are different than others. Some also are appointment-only, while others accept walk-ins as well as appointments. You can locate the nearest services center by using the same facilities services locator listed above in the licensing scenters section.

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