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Universal title application

Motorists can use the Illinois Secretary of State (ISOS) online portal to file a universal title application to obtain new, duplicate or replacement titles for respective vehicles.

Affidavit of surviving spouse

When one spouse dies, the surviving spouse needs to remove the deceased spouse’s name from property titles in order to transfer full ownership. An affidavit of surviving spouse will correct titles by removing the deceased spouse’s name and replacing it with the surviving spouse.

Renew/replace DL – out of state for extended period

College students, active military, residents with second homes and others often are away for extended periods of time. ISOS enables renewal/replacement of driver licenses by contacting ISOS.

VSD-190 Title and register a vehicle while temporarily located out of state

A resident may obtain an Illinois vehicle title and registration by printing and completing a VSD-190 Application for Vehicle Transaction along with requisite documentation and payment.

Driver history abstract request

ISOS fulfills driver history abstract requests online. Requesters must have a printer to print PDF documents and pay the service fee with either a credit or debit card.

Wheelchair symbol Plate/Placard Application

Motorists who have disabilities and need a wheelchair plate or a placard cam file a Persons with Disabilities Certification form to obtain a parking placard.

Wheelchair symbol Plate/Placard Checklist

The following ISOS checklist shows the requirements to obtain a wheelchair plate or placard in Illinois.

Refund Application

The ISOS repays motorists for overpayments and cancellation refunds upon receipt of a Refund Request online or by mail.

Emergency Contact Registry Application

Licensed Illinois drivers can help to ensure their next-of-kin and other friends or family are contacted in the event of a vehicular accident that results in injury or death. The ISOS Emergency Contact Database lets motorists enter one or two individuals to act as their emergency contacts if they are injured or killed in an accident.

Physician Certification for Blind or Disabled Person, Non-Driver ID Application

Physical impairment sometimes makes it impossible for individuals to operate a motor vehicle. That means a commonly used Illinois driver’s license will not work for general identification purposes. ISOS enables non-drivers to obtain a state-issued ID by filing an Application for Disability Identification with an accompanying doctor’s diagnosis and statement. The ID does not enable the holder or others with the ID holder to use designated handicapped parking spaces or obtain a wheelchair plate or placard for persons with disabilities.

Vehicle Registration Application

When you buy a new or used vehicle in Illinois and want to drive in on public roads, you need to obtain a title and registration. You can do both online with the ISOS Electronic Registration and Title service or by visiting a local ISOS service office.

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