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Illinois DMV Forms

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Table of Contents

Below you will find a series of popular Illinois DMV Forms.

  1.  Registration and Title Forms in Illinois
  2.  IL SOS Refund Application
  3.  IL Driver License Forms
  4.  Disabled Driver Forms

To browse the full library of DMV forms, please visit the DMV Form Directory.

If you need additional assistance or have specific questions about your Illinois vehicle registration application, please find your nearest Illinois SOS office and contact them directly.

Electronic Registration and Title (ERT) System

The Illinois SOS offers an online Electronic Registration and Title (ERT) System, enabling you to complete and print Illinois registration forms online.

Use it for the following application types:

  • Title
  • Title and Transfer
  • Title and Registration
  • Corrected Title

You’ll need your Title Number and your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Go to the IL SOS website to check the status of your ERT Application.

Registration and Title Forms in Illinois

IL Duplicate or Corrected Title Application

To obtain a new, duplicate or replacement Illinois title for your vehicle, either:

  • Search the DMV Form Directory for the Duplicate and Corrected Titles (Form VSD 270).


After finishing the process online, you have 7 days to take your completed application, documentation and payment to your local Illinois Secretary of State office. If you’d like to handle that process by mail, send your form and payment (check or money order only) to:

Secretary of State Vehicle Services Department
ERT Section, Rm. 424
If Expedited Title, Rm. 629
501 S. Second St.
Springfield, IL 62756

When you buy a new or used vehicle in Illinois and want to drive in on public roads, you need to obtain a title and registration.

You can do both online with the IL SOS Electronic Registration and Title service or by visiting a local IL SOS service office.

To get more registration application help, search the DMV Form Directory for the Vehicle Title and Registration for Tips for Properly Completing Your Applications (Form VSD 293).

Visit our page about vehicle registration in Illinois to learn more!

IMPORTANT: Illinois Vehicle Tax Form

If you are transferring a vehicle from one person to the next, be sure to complete a Tax Form RUT-50 for a Private Party Vehicle Tax Transaction. You can find this form via the Office of the Secretary of State (SOS), the Department of Revenue, or at a local IL SOS office.

Purchase a vehicle from an out-of-state licensed dealer, you’ll need to submit a completed Tax Form RUT-25 for a Vehicle Use Tax Transaction Return as well.

Make your tax payment via a check or money order payable to the Department of Revenue.

VSD-190 Title – Register a Vehicle While Temporarily Out of State

A resident may obtain an Illinois vehicle title and registration by printing and completing an Application for Vehicle Transaction (Form VSD-190) along with all required documentation and payment.

Affidavit of Surviving Spouse

When one spouse dies, the surviving spouse needs to remove the deceased spouse’s name from property titles within 120 days in order to transfer full ownership. An affidavit of a surviving spouse will correct titles by removing the deceased spouse’s name and replacing it with the surviving spouse. You can handle this process using an Application for Vehicle Transaction (s) (VSD 190). There is a $15 fee for the corrected title.

NOTE: You’ll need to surrender the original vehicle title (when jointly owned). Otherwise, you’re responsible for a $50 title fee and a $3 corrected registration fee.

IL SOS Refund Application

Refund Application | Consideration for Refund (Form AR 9)

The IL SOS repays motorists for overpayments and cancellation refunds upon receipt of a Refund Request online or by mail.

You will need to complete the Consideration for Refund (Form AR 9) and follow the instructions provided by the IL SOS on the form.

IL Driver License Forms

Renew or Replace Driver’s License | Out Of State For Extended Period

College students, active military, residents with second homes and others often are away for extended periods of time. The Illinois SOS enables renewal/replacement of driver licenses by contacting IL SOS.

Request renewal forms by calling (217) 782-2720, or writing a letter to:

Illinois Secretary of State
Attn: Special License and Re-Examination Unit
2701 S. Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, Illinois 62723

Alternatively, some drivers are eligible to renew an Illinois driver’s license through the Safe Driver Renewal Program. You can request more details about a Safe Driver Renewal by phone at (217) 785-1424, or send a request by mail through the Secretary of State:

Illinois Secretary of State
Attn: Safe Driver Renewal Central Services Section
2701 S. Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, Illinois 62723

Illinois Driving Record Abstract Request Form (Form DSD DC 164)

You can submit an online request for an Illinois driver history abstract via the IL SOS.

You must have a printer or the ability to print PDF documents, and pay the service fee with either a credit or debit card.

Emergency Contact Registry Application

Licensed Illinois drivers can help to ensure their next-of-kin and other friends or family are contacted in the event of a vehicular accident that results in injury or death.

The IL SOS Emergency Contact Database allows motorists to enter one or two individuals to act as their emergency contacts if they are injured or killed in an accident.

Disabled Driver Forms

Physician Certification for Blind or Disabled Person (Non-Driver ID Application)

Physical impairment sometimes makes it impossible for individuals to operate a motor vehicle. That means a commonly used Illinois driver’s license will not work for general identification purposes.

Through the Illinois IL SOS, non-drivers may obtain a state-issued ID by filing an Application for an Illinois Person with a Disability Identification Card (Form DSD X 164) with an accompanying doctor’s diagnosis and statement. The report is valid for 3 months. There is no fee for your ID card once approved.

Please note, the Disabled Person ID does not enable the holder to use designated handicapped parking spaces, or obtain a wheelchair plate or placard for persons with disabilities.

If you happen to need a replacement placard, you can submit an Application for Replacement Disability Parking Placard (Form VSD 415).

Wheelchair Symbol Plate/Placard Application

Motorists who have disabilities and need a wheelchair plate or a placard can file a Persons with Disabilities Certification for Parking Placard/License Plates (Form VSD 62). Submit the form to the Illinois SOS to obtain a parking placard. Importantly, the Illinois placard is free of charge.

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