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Indiana Criminal Record

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Learn all about Indiana Criminal Records on this page.

The Indiana Public Courts is responsible for maintaining a registry of cases that have been completed in the state. They also handle other public records, which are available to anyone who requests them.

Since Indiana criminal records are police records, local law enforcement agencies maintain them instead of the court. The Indiana State Police have criminal history services, while the Federal Bureau of Investigation has the Identity History Summary available upon request.

What are Indiana Criminal Records?

Indiana criminal records will include information about your past criminal history at the local, state and federal level. The information could include identifying data such as your name, aliases, fingerprints, photographs and more. You can also order your driving record if you need to know your driving history.

Criminal records vary, but they may include important information such as:

  • Pending charges
  • Current charges
  • Arrest information
  • Warrants
  • Dismissed charges

Both misdemeanors and felonies are usually listed on your Indiana criminal record.

How are Criminal Records Used?

Criminal records may be used for the purpose of fostering and adopting, voter registration and security clearance. Other reasons for searching a person’s criminal records include:

  • For property rentals
  • For school admittance or scholarships
  • For job applications
  • To travel internationally
  • To purchase a firearm

Criminal records are used often by law enforcement agencies and others.


How Can Someone Access Your Criminal Records?

The public is able to access a limited criminal history report. Fingerprint-based reports, which are full criminal history reports, are usually used for criminal record review challenges. Indiana also has the National Full Criminal History report, which is a full history of all criminal activity.

General Public

Generally speaking, the general public only has access to the limited criminal history report. This lists misdemeanor and felony arrests within the state. The criminal search is based on the person’s race, date of birth, name, and gender. A Social Security Number and where the person was born may also be helpful.

Sex Crimes

Indiana has the Sex and Violent Offender Registry that is open to public search. This registry allows people to search by county to find sex offenders in their area. Upon entering the program, the registry allows the user to enter any address and will search for offenders within that space.

Once you sign up to search and agree to the terms and conditions, you can place the address in the search engine. You can also search by name and city. There is also a search available for non-compliant offenders and by internet name, email and phone number.

How Can You Request a Criminal Record?

If you would like to request criminal records for others, go to the sites above and select the correct type of records for your search. To get your own criminal record, you can mail in a request using this form and then submit a $15 fee for the records check. The only acceptable payment is through certified money order. You can also go to any local law enforcement agency with your identification to request your records.

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Apr 28, 2023