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When you want to sell a vehicle, transfer it, register your vehicle, or be involved in other business with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, there will be forms that you have to fill out. These forms are usually available on the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles website.

Not all forms are available online, so if there are forms that you do not find there or in this list, you should reach out to the local BMV for information on where to get the form that you’re looking for. Some forms are no longer available on paper, and tasks must be completed through the myBMV application.

Many of the forms that you’ll need when working with the BMV are available online through your myBMV account. Other online services available through the BMV include replacing your license, viewing your title or completing forms in the myBMV account, so that you can submit them digitally.

Application for Certificate of Title for a Vehicle

Whenever you want to buy, sell or transfer a vehicle, you will need to have your certificate of title available. If you do not have one, you can ask for it from the BMV. With the Application for Certificate of Title for a Vehicle, which is form 205, you can title your vehicle with the Indiana BMV.

Affidavit for Restoration for a Salvage Motor Vehicle

Form 44606 is the Affidavit for Restoration for a Salvage Motor Vehicle. This form can be used to apply for a title for a salvaged vehicle while in Indiana.

Affidavit Physical Inspection of a Vehicle or Watercraft

If an inspector needs to come to look over your watercraft’s hull or to verify your vehicle’s VIN, you will need to have them fill out form 39530 to submit to the Indiana BMV.

Request for Title

If you would like to get a vehicle title from a lienholder, you will need to fill out form 1014 and submit it to the correct parties.

Bill of Sale

If you will be selling your vehicle, you may need to fill out the Bill of Sale form, which is state form 44237.

Odometer Disclosure Statement

When you purchase or sell a vehicle, you may need to have an odometer disclosure statement to detail the odometer reading at the time of the transfer. This form is State Form 43230 and should be turned in to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Application for Refund of Certain Fees

If you have paid too much to the BMV and would like to get a refund, you can do so by filling out the Application for Refund of Certain Fees. This application lets you seek compensation and should be returned to your local BMV or the address on the form. This is State Form 56165.

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