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Indiana Traffic Tickets

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When you violate traffic laws, you face points on your license and may need to appear in traffic court in Indiana. Depending on where the offense took place, you may be able to pay your fine online, by mail, in person or by phone. If you want to dispute the charge, you will need to plead “not guilty” before following directions to appear at a hearing.

How Traffic Tickets Could Suspend Driving Privileges

In Indiana, you could lose your driving privileges if you get too many points on your driving record. The state awards up to eight points per violation, and they stay on your record for at least two years. You’ll need to enroll in a mandatory Driver Safety Program if you are convicted of two traffic offenses within a year or are under 18 and have had more than one violation resulting in points.

How Drivers Get Points Against Them

Drivers get points when they violate traffic laws. Indiana has 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-point violations. Some of these violations include:

  • Driving 1 to 15 mph over the limit (2 points)
  • Making an illegal U-turn (4 points)
  • Failing to yield (6 points)
  • Road racing (8 points)

Moving violations worth eight points are the most serious, and could lose your license if you are convicted of two major offenses within 10 years. For example, if you commit two major offenses resulting in injury or death within a decade, you’ll either have a suspended license for 10 years (if not related to a DUI) or permanently (if DUI-related). If you commit one major violation and 10 minor violations, your license will be suspended for five years. Three major violations also result in a 10-year suspension when no injuries or deaths occurred.

How Long Do Points Remain on Your Record?

When you are given a citation, you have an opportunity to defend against it. This is a good idea, because a conviction will stay on your record for at least two years and may influence your rights for up to 10 years after that offense. If you commit three major offenses within 10 years, then you will be called a habitual traffic violator and lose your license.


What Happens When You Get Too Many Points?

If you commit three or more major offenses, you’ll be named a habitual traffic violator and lose your license for 10 years. You may also earn this title if you commit two major offenses that result in death or injury.

If you commit two traffic violations within 12 months, you will need to attend defensive driving courses. If you’re under 21 and are involved in any situation where points are assessed, you will also need to complete this program.

If you complete the program voluntarily, you may get up to four points removed from your driving record. You can do this once every three years.

Where to Pay Your Traffic Fines

Usually, you can pay your ticket online, by mail, in person or by phone. You will need to check with the specific court to determine your options.

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