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Iowa Address Change

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The Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) is in charge of helping current and new Iowa residents change their addresses on their Iowa-issued driver’s licenses and ID cards. The process generally is quick and costs very little but is important to ensure you pay for the correct auto insurance and otherwise know Iowa traffic laws.

What Are the Basics?

IDOT processes all change of address requests either in person at a driver’s license service center. IDOT does not provide motorists with a way to perform a change of address online. Whenever an Iowa motorist requests a change of address, IDOT will issue a replacement card with the new address printed on it.

How Do I Change My Address if I Am Moving within Iowa?

Iowa residents who are moving to a new address within the state can schedule an appointment to obtain a change of address at an IDOT Driver’s License Station. The service centers are dedicated to processing driver’s license-related matters and can expedite the process for a change of address. If you want a new photo on your license, you also could arrange that. You will need to schedule an appointment to obtain the in-person services.

There is no need to provide supporting documents for an address change in Iowa.

How Long Do I Have to Do This?

The state of Iowa requires motorists to provide address changes within 30 days of the move. It will process address changes requested beyond the 30-day period without charging additional fees.

How Do I Change My Address if I Am Moving to Iowa from Another State?

When you move to Iowa from another state, you must schedule an appointment online to obtain an Iowa driver’s license at an IDOT driver’s licensing services center. You will have to surrender your former license and pass a knowledge test and vision test to obtain your Iowa license. You cannot obtain an Iowa license online.

Because you are obtaining a new license, IDOT might require proof of residency. A mortgage agreement, lease agreement or property title would work nicely. A utility bill with the new address also helps to prove residency for new Iowa residents.

How Long Do I Have to Do This?

The state of Iowa generally mandates new residents obtain Iowa licenses with Iowa addresses listed within 30 days of moving to the state. IDOT will process address change requests and issue new driver’s licenses to new residents beyond the 30-day timeframe with no penalties applied. If a new resident does not change his or her address and or obtain an Iowa driver’s license, he or she could be fined.

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May 5, 2023