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Title and Registration Forms

When seeking to title a new or used vehicle, you present an application for title to the treasurer in the county in which the vehicle is garaged. If a seller is unable to come in person to the treasurer’s office assign the title of a vehicle to an individual, they can provide a power of attorney form, allowing someone else to represent them in this transaction. To release liens on vehicles that have been paid for, a lien holder fills out a notarized lien release form.

Driving Records Form

To request a copy of your own driving or vehicle records, you fill out a Request for Access to Vehicle Records form. You may also use the form to access the driving or vehicle records of another person if you meet one of the following criteria:
  • You have their written permission
  • You are requesting them on behalf of a government agency
  • You are an employee or agent of a business seeking to verify information
  • You are obtaining the information in anticipation of using it in a court or arbitration procedure
  • You are requesting the information for statistical purposes only
  • You work for an insurance company
  • You are requesting the information to let the owner know the vehicle has been towed or impounded
  • You work for a licensed investigative service
  • You are requesting information on individuals that have given the state permission to release their information
  • You will use the information in a lawful manner. You will state the reason on the form.

Vision Form

The Kansas BOV requires vision exams for renewal of driver’s licenses. Drivers who seek to renew their driver’s licenses online or through the mail need to submit a vision form from their doctor.

Application for Driver’s License Renewal if Living Out of State

Active-duty military and their family members stationed outside of Kansas and students attending school outside the state may apply to obtain a replacement of their driver’s license, renew their license, or extend their expiring license for six months. Those not in the military who are temporarily out of the state or country may obtain a replacement or six-month extension on their expiring driver’s license if they are legal residents of Kansas and US citizens or immigrants with permanent residency status. To apply, they fill out a Credential Request for Kansas Residents Temporarily Out of Kansas

Application for Driver’s License Reinstatement

Drivers whose licenses have been suspended may file forms to have the licenses reinstated or the terms of the suspension modified. To do so, they must first register with the Kansas Department of Revenue Customer Service Center. Once they have applied and obtained a log-in ID, they may apply to have the suspension lifted or modified through an online portal or by using paper forms.

If the suspension was because of alcohol-related offenses, they use form DC-1015 to request a modification. If the suspension was because of failure to comply with a traffic citation, they use form DC-1020.

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Aug 19, 2022